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What Are You Playing Right Now?


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i heard l4d2 has a bunch of really awesome custom servers with furry mods and stuff, i might check it out cuz i own l4d2


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Trying to play the sample quest in Agetec's RPG Maker 2, but . . . argh, it makes my eyes hurt. The blurry framerate every time you move, mostly. 3D models and levels look almost PS1-quality. Controls are pretty 8-bit Dragon Quest like ... I don't know if that's part of the sample quest or part of the game's RPG engine itself, but it's really old school. As in, you don't have a separate "menu" button, your basic button brings up a menu with options. "Talk" and "Examine" are separate options (why?). Oh, and "Talk" only works if the NPC is exactly on the square in front of you. If they're the slightest bit off (say, moving from one tile to another), the "Talk" command doesn't detect them and fails with a "Who are you talking to?" message.

Egad. Given how the sample quest in RPG Maker 1 was a totally righteous hoot, I ... by comparison, this is just unplayable.

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Star Trek: Tactical Assault for DS.
Game's a bitch after the first few missions. The combat system piles on the 'tactical', but delivers no 'assault'.


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Just finished Heavy Rain. It's such an excellent game.
I didn't get a terribly good ending, but I'm going to try again sometime soon.

I'm going to pick up Amnesia: The Dark Descent again later tonight... with the lights out.


After getting my ass kicked in LoL, I found the courage to dust off my old Fallout 1 & 2 disks.


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I play Battlefield3 on multiplayer only (I gotz Premium for $25!!!) and CoD:BO2 to just pass the time. You'll mostly find me on BF3 running over some j-walkers with a tank. You may even find me playing Ace Combat: Fires of Liberation.
This is on XBOX, btw.


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More Pokemon Conquest. Kunoichi's story, I start out in Valora+Dragnor (not a bad combo at all), spend about the first six months recruiting some Warriors and developing both territories to level 2. In the meantime, Kotaro goes on the offensive, wipes everybody out, and by the end of year 1 it's only me and him, and it doesn't take long before he starts invading. Star players on his force being a Deino (with Dragon Rage, i.e. fixed 40 pts damage) and a particularly strong Pawniard. Star players on mine being two Zubat -- this is Valora, if worst comes to worst I can simply play keepaway on the maze-like battle terrain until the timer expires. Didn't need to, though, my own Deino took out his Pawniard (and ultimately his own Deino). It was fun batting a helpless Sandile around my two Zubat (Sandile's attack is Mud-Slap, ineffective against flying Zubats) though. Major exp gains for keeping Valora. Nice try, Kotaro, but you'll never get so furtunate again.


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Final fantasy 3. (or 6? i dont fucking know)


Final fantasy 3. (or 6? i dont fucking know)
The actual Final Fantasy IV and VI were released in America on the SNES as Final Fantasy II and III respectively. The actual IV and VI have since been re-made or collected a bunch of times.
The actual Final Fantasy III wasn't released in America until the DS remake.

I'm playing Metal Slug Advance and Psychonauts. Both of them are really good.

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Gears of War


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Picked up Assassin's Creed II during the last Steam sale, but I only got around to working my way through it now. Already played it through once on console, but I don't remember half the missions, so it's almost a new experience. Almost.


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Picked up a copy of Bayonetta. Made by P+ (Platinum Games), headed by some of the guys who made Okami?

Well, I can't say I like the setting, but that went for Devil May Cry. Gameplay's good though, I can already see plenty of spots where I've made tactical blunders ("hey, what is that boss doing -- YOW, that hurt!") and the ability to give most bosses a cinematic finishing move is a neat plus, but a bit messy for my tastes.

Not keeping this one, but I think I will at least finish it.


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Well I got a chance to play through Bioshock Infinite and so far it has exceeded my expectations.

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