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What Are You Playing Right Now?


A certain RPG that I never knew about back in the day but I hear it comes highly recommended if you can find it.

Also known as Chrono Trigger. (DS.)

DS version is best version.

I'm playing Ocarina of Time 3DS and shitting myself over how much of an improvement it is over the original.


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Given up on World of Tanks when I realised why exactly it was rendered sucky due to the F2P model.

Now idk what to play. Either more Rising Storm or do what I promised myself and fucking draw things.

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I'm wondering what the obsession with vehicle simulator games is all about. o_o
Idk what is the case with other games, but in this it's fun to just drive and strife for perfect truck control o_o
Also the radio list in it is impressive. I often just play it to listen to the radio.
Driving on the oncoming lane in a busy highway with a 40t truck is fun and interesting


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DS [Chrono Trigger] is best version.
I figured as much. I definitely prefer the dual-screen battle menus over the "classic" menus, mainly because the menus are easier to navigate on the touch screen.

Made it through the opening chapters and 2300 AD. I will definitely have to incorporate some thematic elements into my Nanowrimo adaptation of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky sometime.

Unfortunately, now I also have a certain character's theme music stuck in my head...


...for all the wrong reasons.


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I got another emblem in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.
After like, more than 5 years.
I'm now at 176.
I can do this..!


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Started playing the original Bioshock.
Made the mistake of starting the game on its hardest difficulty. I thought that making it difficult would make the game last longer and be more rewarding.
But as of now I'm just stuck respawning over and over again slowly killing my enemies. I haven't gotten very far in the game at all, I believe.

Also, that game is SCARY!


I've mainly been playing D&D Chronicles of Mystara on PS3 lately. I might end up playing some more of the FFXIV beta though.


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Lego LOTR with family...


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Playing Persona 3 :I


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For some reason my dad refuses to play any of the games I want him to until I beat the original Legend of Zelda. Zelda is my favorite gaming franchise, but I mainly like its 3D games. The original is so hard and not nearly as fun, but I want to beat it to get my dad to play Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Is it worth the trouble?

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Far Cry 3


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Playin' that new Animal Crossings game. The nostalgia from the gamecube game is killing me I LOVE IT.