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What Are You Playing Right Now?


Well... Today at first I was playing Kerbal Space Program, then I was playing CS GO with 4 lithuanian friends and finished the day off with Watch Dogs


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Been playing the hell out of Battlefield 4 recently.It was double xp last weekend and my rank went from level 17 to level 42 with using 5 extra 100% boosts that I got from battlepacks!!I love playing metro and locker but theres others I like but these two levels are always fun to play on!


Fistful of Frags.

Oh man, every kill is so satisfying. I love how it's slow-paced in many aspects (reloading, needing to move slow to aim and take time to aim, time between shots and few weapons being able to kill instantly) making individual encounters last longer than other shooters, feeling a bit more like a duel.

Then random little things like having unlimited ammo, instead being limited by reload times. It works so well!


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Heroes of the Storm. Good times.


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Black Ops 2 with Zif and his girlfriend Kavori, we played about 45 minutes and ran through two sets of bots. I feel that I need to play this more to be less rusty.

Does Miiverse count as a game, because I've been playing it a lot

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I count the mii streetpass games as something I play, so yes?
Also, your getting sig quoted.


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I tried my hand at Hitman: Blood Money today....
Well, it ran great on arch which was a pleasant surprise but I'm pretty shit at it. I'm the type of guy who takes direct orders and carries them out, I can do this well. When I'm given limited information and told to make it work... things don't turn out well. Especially when I only have two mags.


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Well I'm going to give another shot on TERA rising.

Last time my friends stop and I was exploring alone and it gets boring.


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I played about 2 hours of hearthstone last night, enjoyable little game I think, but I'm getting my butt kicked by hunters, regularly.


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I guess 60 fps is nice, but... I'm getting a little tired of "next gen editions". they take a 2 year old game, very slightly update the graphics, and charge the full price of a game.

I think I'm less of a fan of the fact that the PS4 has more PS3 games, than actual PS4 exclusive games.


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Playing Plague Inc eradicating humanity with the zombie virus add-on. I'll be playing the shit out of Destiny when it comes out.

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Started playing Bravely Default again. After taking a break from it I've been able to achieve so much.


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I'm playing Dragon's Dogma. I'm going through Bitterblack Isle now and finally got my Archmage Hat. So much Sorcerer swag...


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Not 'playing' in the usual sense, but I'm constantly working on new chiptunes in FamiTracker.

You will never guess which song I had to record as a source reference . . . (Okay, you might be able to guess just based on that statement, but of course I'm not going to answer you ;))


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I recently started Second Quest on Zelda: Wind Waker HD for the Wii U. I'm also trying to finally finish Ocarina of Time 3D for the 3DS. I also recently bought Kid Icarus Uprising for the 3DS and it is great.

I've also been considering buying Bravely Default because I keep hearing that it is a good game but I'm not quite sure.


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Currently sloggin' through Mega Man 5 and 6 and desperately trying to continue Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney...


See ya latter ****ers.
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