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What Are You Playing Right Now?


It's all fun and games...
Dark Souls II and eagerly awaiting the third DLC to come out.


Shepherd of Fire
Dota 2. Always Dota 2.


Only a Book Smart Nerd
Back to Mass Effect.


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Made more progress in Blue Dragon Awakened Shadow. Deep Layer dungeon wasn't nearly as difficult after some level-grinding, and I took down the boss. However, this led straight into another dungeon with its own boss, and that boss took three attempts to beat (even then, it was still pretty close). Those quests are finished, but I'm not sure exactly where to go next. I think I need to return to that one dungeon now that I have the Sun and Moon Keys....


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Borderlands 2 with Nuucat. We're finally in sanctuary. She likes the shops, I like the gambling.


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smash 4 demo, just trying to get used to 3ds controls mostly
The biggest hang-up I have is R for shield and L for grab. I want it the other way around!

...and not because I'm a southpaw, either; on a Gamecube controller you had Z (on the 'R' side of the controller) for grab and L/R for shield.
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Pain in the Ass
Minecraft on the xbox. I had to dig a trench around my sheep pen to stop wolves from killing my sheep through the fence


Where'd the time go?
Been playing Divinity: Original Sin for a couple months. I might die playing this game.
Very fun game, my husband and I have put away a lot of hours into it. ^^

As for me, Minecraft for PC. :3


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going back and forth between Metroid Corruption and Binding of Isaac.


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Finally sat down to play a bit of Supreme Command 2, I had no idea it was a square enix game.
Nuucat and I are working on Borderlands 2 as well.


Ice cream is the only way
A lot of Team fortress 2 these days.
I'm disappointed with how stuck I am in Portal however, I really want to progress in that game but unfortunately there's this one level that just makes my head spin.


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Not "right now" as in 'right now', but I am definitely looking forward to playing the 3DS title Azure Striker Gunvolt soon. Apparently if you purchase it soon (before end of November) you also get a download code for an 8-bit remix of the game, called "Mighty Gunvolt". That is going to be awesome.


Feed Me Pizza
Recently it's been pretty much playing Borderlands 2 with Nuucat. We've sank 29 hrs and only have 9 achievements to show for it (my bad ass rank doubles hers). I guess I'm just a more effective killing machine... or something.

On my own, I'm managing to take another swing at Bravely Default nearing the 40 hr mark and already at level 40.


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Just beat Dangan Ronpa, still have to play through school mode but it was a lot of fun playing the main story. I've been a huge fan of the series for a good ~year, now, and read LPs of the first and second game, so I was super glad to finally be able to play it myself. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would considering I already knew what happens.
Now it's time to go to Persona 4 Golden, which I have also read an LP for but am even MORE excited to play so I can actually see it in action. Pchoo.


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I'm playing Activity Log on my 3DS. Does that count? It says it's been exactly 1000 days since I first got my 3DS. That's crazy!! It feels like it's still new, and now I feel really old.
The games with the most play time are Pokemon Y at 555 hours, Fire Emblem Awakening at 422 hours, and Pokemon White 2 at 307 hours. The hours really dip after that though.
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Only a Book Smart Nerd
Grinding more trophies and weapon upgrades for Ratchet and Clank : Into the Nexus.


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Tinkering around in FamiTracker creating an 8-bit version of Midna's Lament from Zelda TP. Three words - it. sounds. awesome.