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What Are You Playing Right Now?


Professional Klutz
Played the infamous Newfoundland mission in XCOM: Enemy Within, everyone got eaten by Chryssalids ;_;


Galactic Overlord
Nothing right this second, but when I get home, I'll either play on Nacho_Duck's Vanillacraft, or on the Overcast Network.

I have things to do on Vanillacraft though. I just built a new automatic skeleton XP farm, gonna refine it (ie better aesthetics) and add a nice dog kennel. I'm gonna need to supply rotten flesh though for cheap kibble! Add a storage, whatever.

I've been working on building skill lately too. A quick lesson by a server member taught me a lot. Add depth, have a block pallet, make a pattern you like, repeat it. I'm considering making a slight modification to how I choose block pallets, rather than using textures and blocks with those textures, I'm probably going to include multiple colors of blocks with similar textures. Like birch, oak, pine, and dark planks, or oak, jungle, and acacia planks. Of course wool and clay depends on color used. Just trying to up my skill in building, seeing as that's what I lack most in. Redstone genius, decent fighter, mining comes naturally, but building, I used to make mostly flat walls and solid textures. Easy to see and interpret, but less visually appealing. The village will be renovated to use more refined blocks than cobble, paths will be gravel, cobble or andesite, and coarse dirt.

Of course I also have work to do on my farm monitor still. Massive project, and loads of logic. My lab is going to be pimped.


Writer extraordinaire
Smash + Fantasy Life. Both really good timeholes with the latter reminding me a lot of Little King's Story, which is always a good thing in my book.


Well-Known Member
I snagged my old Trauma Center: Second Opinion back. If the memory hasn't corrupted or anything, I'm gonna try beating Mission X7. SirRob doesn't leave games unfinished! (Except when he does)


Feed Me Pizza
Spent the morning on Warframe and the Evening on Wakfu. Brought my frame up one level and my primary character up two.


Wastelands 2. And Borderlands 2. And still need to finish XCOM. And Skyrim again. And Metro 2033 Redux.



The Sergal that Didn't Vore
Skyrim, whenever I have free time between studying and work. I'm getting more into using mods, for fun and for being useful.


Well-Known Member
Played a bit of Pokemon Battle Trozei last night. Kinda like Bejeweled but with Pokemon tiles.

I must've played the Fennekin level like 8 times because I knew from the outset there would be a wild Braixen in it but I couldn't figure out how to trigger it. Some evolved Pokemon you can make appear by landing a supereffective combo (of one-shot combo), but I think for the starters it's a matter of either combo length or overall score. Still, when A Wild Braixen Appeared! that was an awesome moment.


Well-Known Member
Following up on my last post, that was extremely frustrating, but I did it. Had tons of help, but I did it. Got the lowest rank, but I did it. It's not really 100% completion, but I'm totally satisfied with the game now.


Feed Me Pizza
Bouncing back and forth Between Warframe and Wakfu probably will be this way for a bit.


Thrashing About
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

Hooktail promoting dragon foot fetishes since 2004. I did not expect that dialogue to come up... but it was hilarious.


Well-Known Member
Hoping to dive into Hyrule Warriors tonight, but first it has to apply a system update. After that, due to a mess in the gaming room I can only play it in off-TV mode (assuming of course it does that).


Feed Me Pizza
Borderlands 2 with Nuucat, we both hit level 20. Warframe on my own. I'm ready for my new assault rifle.


Feed Me Pizza
I'm pretty sure unless it's a cold day in hell or someone tells me they want to play something. I'm going to probably be playing Borderlands 2 with nuucat, Wakfu or Warframe until there's more money in the wallet to do otherwise.


Well...you tried
Recently i've been playing a lot of Diablo 3 at my friend's house while drunk.

Currently destroying everything in sight with a demon hunter on expert. :mrgreen: