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What Are You Playing Right Now?

I found my n64 with tony hawks pro skater, castlevania, mortal kombat 4, super mario 64, goldeneye, and perfect dark.

my sega saturn with double switch, pro binball, panzer dragoon, daytona usa, virtua fighter 2, hi-octane, myst, defcon 5, world series baceball, virtua cop, tetris plus, nights into dreams, and tomb raider.

not going to list the ps2 games but as of now I'm playing midnight club LA (ps3)


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Was playing Brawl earlier today.

I BEAT THE DISTURBINGLY GOOD CREEPY GUY WITH MORE OF A SOCIAL LIFE THAN ME TODAY! Sure, a single win doesn't really mean anything, but it still made me feel really good. Proves that my Fox is getting to his level.

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Was playing Farcry 2 a few minutes ago and getting shot in the face because I always get stuck with a team of morons.


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I'm borrowing FFVII from a friend...playing through KH, Re:COM, and KH2, I restarted Devil May Cry 2, and I'm getting Soul Silver tomorrow...


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Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45


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Castlevania II: Simon's Quest

Hakar Kerarmor

Right now, Dwarf Fortress and UFO Aftershock.




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Ass' Creed II


Was playing Farcry 2 a few minutes ago and getting shot in the face because I suck at the game and I'm going to blame my suckage on my teammates whom must be morons since I get killed all the time.

Fix'd for ya.

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Final Fantasy XIII, for the PS3. I'm sending said console to Sony tomorrow, though. :/ What really sucks is that I'm on chapter 10/13, so by the time I get my PS3 back, I won't know a damn thing about what's going on.


Hamburger time.


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Half Life. Surprisingly, even with the low-rez pixels distorted to the size of grapes, its more emmersive than HL 2.


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Star Ocean 4 Mainly. I'll eventually make it up to the Ethereal Queen. Otherwise I just hop on Brawl/Melee when the Xbox is taken. Might start some other games just because SO4 is kinda getting annoying...

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