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What Are You Playing Right Now?

Minecraft. Making that Homestuck texture pack that I can't show you guys since I used the chainsaw sprite from industrialcraft. :U

Terezi's cane is looking badass, though.


More Starwars Battlefront 2
The enemy team has a tendency to gang up on me while my character can only force-choke one at a time


The wolf with gun and pet >>
nothing because my ps3 suffer the yellow light of death ><


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I'm currently playing my 2nd go through of The Witcher 2, needed to side with my bro Roche this time. Then mixing it up with some TF2 and L4D2.


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Lost Planet 2. Caught it during the Steam Sale. Just wish GFWL would let me play with one of my friends.

Otherwise, Alien Swarm, Team Fortress 2, and Breath of Death VII.


Just beat Kirby's Epic Yarn. It's cute but... I am disappoint.

I want to play inFamous.

Recently I have been really wanting to play Tomb Raider Legend. I beat it rather quickly when I first played it but it has been a LONG while since I have played.
Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction with 2-3 more friends. Online play is much better.
Just Cause 2. I love using enemy ships as ramps with the SnakeHead.
Bulletstorm. Kill with Skill until the profanity gets boring(Quite fast, actually).

That's pretty much about it. Until the new wave of games will go out, I'm pretty stuck.

Eden Eternal.

Me and another two played this game. We quit at LV31.
Another passing kawaiichan-graphics MMO.


Uncharted 2 but I want to play through F:NV and try to accumulate more negative karma than should be possible.


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Planning to play the Limbo Demo for the PS3


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Started playing Oblivion. Sorry Guild Wars, I'll see you much, much later @_@

For now, time to rank up in the Thieves' Guild, then move on to the Dark Brotherhood!

Also, stealing everything in a Fence's house then selling it back to him FTW.


Also, stealing everything in a Fence's house then selling it back to him FTW.

Effective no?

Since an accidental deletion of my saved games, I'm rushing through half life because I know all the tricks.


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little big planet 2 which i won in an E3 prediction contest :3 woo! =D