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What are you proud of right now?


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I'm proud of my improvement in art, yet I'm also super desapointed by it. It's a wierd mix of feelings
and I dont know if its affects me in a good way or not

Miles Marsalis

The Last DJ.
i'm proud of somewhat achieving an inner refuge from my shitty life through psychological reflection, meditation and a "mind over matter"/"effect over cause" attitude. i'm proud of my spiritual journey. i don't think i'd be here without the countless psychological tools i've gained throughout it. it has helped me bear to live and has made me a better person. for myself and other people. it hasn't made my life "good" by any means, but it gives me the hope that it could be someday. i'm proud i didn't turn to drugs or self harm and hope that i never do. i'm proud that i'm not a cruel or hateful person despite having every right to be. i'm proud i made it this far and hope that i can make it long enough to experience fulfillment.
I'm proud of you.

the sleepiest kitty

Pretty proud of my cooking skills tonight. I added chopped kale to some ground beef and made a meatloaf. It was scrumotious!

the sleepiest kitty

I mean I've literally been dmed by a pedo on there who probably thought I was underaged sooooooo

The current drama is this bot that keeps spamming people. Of course, the mods are doing fuck all and most of the solutions have been propagated by well-known users like PunkSoda
This was on another website. A guy approached me and said, "aww you are cute. I'm 25 I hope that's not too old. How old are you, cutie?" I reply with, "21." and he bolts. Can I say pedo?? Lol


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Popping in to say I'm proud of all of you! Every goal, no matter how big or small, is something to celebrate! Sometimes we may feel a bit of sorrow or anger along with these feelings of joy, and that's ok. But ultimately it makes me happy to see everyone chiming in with their bits of positivity. <3

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
Being able to play sitar at least as well as in any popular song people are familiar with that uses one. I actually like my own playing better.


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I'm proud of the fact that I started writing stories again. Not just regular stories though. Just completely out-of-this-world cringey, dark and really sad fanfiction that will make the obscure fandom it's about CRY. Someone already messaged me saying that I made them upset but they still love part 1.


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I'm proud to be writing furry fiction regularly, even if it's on the silly, fun side, as a series of Tweets, even though Twitter really is not a very great/welcoming/warm & fuzzy place: I've decided to try casting a wider net, even though it's scary, to post in carious new places. Am almost up to 49mini-installments, or about 4 normal pages.


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Im gotten more comfortable with coding in game boy studio.


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my physical transition. it’s been a rollercoaster for 3 years, but the most important lesson i’ve learned is to never take my privilege for granted. i have so much to be grateful for and even more happiness when i look in the mirror these days. being able to present masculine and be consistently gendered correctly is a huge boost for me, especially since i’ve been out as FTM since i was 13. much love and support to all my LGBTQ+ pals and your own unique identities !! ♡