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What are you reading?


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Steph Swainston's "No gift like time", the second book of her Castle series. In the first book I felt like there just wasn't a whole lot going on for the most part. I'm liking this one more, since it has more action. I can tell the author is working really hard to make the fantasy as realistic as possible, and successfully too when it comes to fighting scenes, society, technology and such, but I can also tell she is not very good with geology or meteorology.


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How is it? From what I've heard it uses some of the same cast as Beastars, just older and more depressingly
they are one-shot spinoffs featuring new characters with old characters as cameos.

similar to the hen's story from the main series.


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At the moment I'm reading Agnes and The Player of Games.

The latter is really interesting tbh! Can recommend it to anyone into fps :3


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caught up to I'll Be Seeing You's 59th chapter and now I feel a lil empty without good fiction OTL
might as well re-read it xD

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At the moment I'm reading Agnes and The Player of Games.

The latter is really interesting tbh! Can recommend it to anyone into fps :3
Who's the author of The Player of Games? There are a few books by that title.


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this gag manga... doesn't have an English translation yet. probably? this is rotting good, it almost melted my brain. the author must be really high on something when they draw this XD

(my translation...)
Story is about a Yakuza boss ordering his right hand man to find him a loyal and competent lover. A quest in which he failed, because no such woman exist. So the boss's final decision is for his right hand to become a hypnotist, and double as his lover??? Also, the rival boss is in a love triangle with the boss. ヾ(Ő∀Ő3)ノ


the wings of fire series it's like a drug to me omfg all of the dragon species no spoilers please! making fanart atm haha


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The science of meat


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Thought about picking up Fall of Reach and Contact Harvest. Not even sure if I have the time to read them, but I'll figure something out.

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I was reading Re-Coil by J.T. Nicholas, which is like a mix of Altered Carbon and The Expanse. It's average for a quick read, but I was left expecting more with the transhumanism and brain uploading themes.


Just finished Plato's Republic, probably going to move on to something like The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli.
Currently reading Authenticity Project. I thought I wouldnt like it originally, because I overlooked the entire Romance/Chick Lit part of it when buying. But its actually really inspiring. I love the characters and am getting super into the plot. Also bought Tea and English Muffins with strawberry preserves to go with my book reading now. If I wasnt so lazy I would make Crumpets, instead. Lol.