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What are you reading?


Eternally Confused Feline
Great Expectations. For University.

Otherwise I'm waiting for Beastars #5 to be stocked at literally any online retailer

I stg why is it so much rarer than all the other volumes.


Resident Edgelord
Re-reading Fahrenheit 451. Honestly one of my favorite books and one of the few I could sit through in high school. After that, I'm going to start reading The Institute by Stephen King


Just started reading Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. Only one chapter into the first book so far, but I'm already hooked.

Miles Marsalis

The Last DJ.
I'm reading Soonish: Ten Emerging Technologies That'll Improve and/or Ruin Everything by Kelly and Zach Weinersmith as part of some light research for a book I've been writing. It's informative but humorous as well too, which is always a hard note to hit.


Rancid Raccoon
today i finished the phantom blood arc of jojo's bizarre adventure. my review: it was a manga.

i also read volume 3 of the unbeatable squirrel girl and while it's a cute series and all i think i'm gonna drop it because i have so many other series i like better on my plate right now.

like pokemon adventures! i started reading that yesterday and i'm enjoying it so far


4-tailed kitsune
The Suburban Jungle Rough Housing (old furry comic). It's reasonably cute from what I've read so far. http://roughhouse.suburbanjungle.com/ I never read the original The Suburban Jungle so I might. (It's a clean series if anyone was wondering. No real adult stuff other than alcohal and light fighting with no gore.)

Also a bit of a few shonen jump manga.
Zodiac War, Hi-Fi Cluster, and Kaiju Number 8
They are an okay read so far. Light and fun. The first one is literally just a short battle royal and nothing else, so you get what you expect to. It's not an exceedingly gorey one either (there's some but it's definitely not a focus like some death spree type series). You can see some nice animal inspired human designs so that's always fun and I like seeing what powers or traits different animals would have. Kaiju is my favorite of the three, though so far none are super outstanding.

I read some of Bakuman. I wasn't really enjoying it. It's a story about kids breaking into the manga industry and very strongly illustrates a lot of upsetting things in Japanese society. (It's exceedingly sexist, full of a lot of self centered idealism, and glorifies literally working yourself to death). I get that it's a reflection of how things actually are, and thus gets into things that are previlent that a lot of shonen manga wouldn't, but it's not really fun to read for me and there's not much drawing me to continue reading despite this. I find the characters very unlikable as well. I may try again eventually but we'll see.
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