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What are you scared of the most



You're never helpless. Hasn't the Black Knight taught you that?

But I suppose that my greatest fear would be finding what I'm looking for.
Hey, you're right! He never gave up even when the outlook was grim! Thanks for the inspiration :D

What are you looking for?


Strange, because they only haunt me when I'm on forums, and you can't be on forums all the ti-oh, wait-

Coming from a guy with over 8000 posts.


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theres a hydroelectrical powerplant a few miles away.
maybe not the most, but im afraid of falling into the channel and getting sucked in to see the huge ass propeller.
its the propeller in black water that scares me most...


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This is hard for me to tell...

I think I'm scared of death, but only the way I'll die. I don't want to die slowly or in pain. I'm guessing thats why I'm scared of lava so much.

south syde dobe

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I'm afraid I'll turn into a spy and backstab a friend :[
I don't really consider loneliness and death to be phobias. Everyone is concerned by the possibility of dying in certain ways, and everyone cares about fitting into a community and having close friends. That's just human nature; we're social animals and preserving our life is a fundamental instinct. People that truly aren't affraid of death or enjoy complete isolation are by far the minority.


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I'm most scare of waking up one day............... and being black


Little hands? Big heads? Smell like cabbage?


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i fear spiders,(they're just a bit creepy for me) heights,(my friends laugh at that becausei'm tall) and being alone, with no one to love.


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I'm scared that the world becomes just like that in SMBC. And if these forums are any indicative of the real world, we're pretty much already screwed. =(