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What are your career goals?


Illustrator, concept artist, or anything that has to do with drawing.
I have thought about becoming a comic artist(or mangaka) but I'm kind of a laid back person so I just wanna get an easier job, don't wanna be chasing deadlines yo.

Drawing is probably one and the only thing I'm good at.


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My dream is to be a surgeon of some kind (as to what specialty, I'm keeping an open mind until I have seen many different fields of medicine and can make a decision then). However, to achieve this, I need to get into med school. And with my modest school grades, I fear that this will never happen.

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Nothing really, just a job I enjoy doing


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I was going to college to enter into Psychology. I was wrestling if whether I wanted to be a clinical psychologist or an art therapist. To be honest, I'm kinda tired of psychology nowadays.

I'm not really sure what I want to do now.
Right now my education is pretty much railroading myself towards being an art teacher. At some point down the road I might consider getting a degree in fine arts since I am currently only a minor in it.

I do plan to sell artwork and commissions on the side. Might do private tutoring too if I can


I'm going to the AirForce in a months and a bit, and my plans are to join either the medical or intelligence field, work my way up to get promited fast, and be in officer training school by the 6 year mark.

I'll stay in there for atleast 20, probably more, then retire to study and teach martial arts.
Mostly Pencak Silat and Aikido, but by that point I'm sure I'll have come up with a system that combines the strengths of what I know. Some kind of Aiki-Silat maybe, though I'm not sure which styles of silat I'll have in there, though sarong work and Mande Muda Harimau are 100% going to be in there, as well as Cimande.

Once I'm in, it'll be very easy to throw in $800 a month into retirement savings, so by the 20 year mark money will no longer be an issue. That's 192K + interest by 20 years, I could cut it down to $500 a month if I wanted to and it'd be 120K + interest by 20 years. I'll only be 38 by that point.
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Warning Coordinator or lead Damage Surveyor at any NWS office would be my two top preferences. Research Meteorology would be another good option.


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TBH even though I have clear goals and plans I have no idea what Im doing with life

Im just taking a stab at it and hoping Im going the right direction


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Finish up my schooling on jet engines and get the hell out of Florida. ----> do my 5 years in the fleet going on MEU's and dropping bombs on Isis, hit Sergeant ---> get out and use all my benefits on some sweet sweet education in anything I pick, Maybe Civil Engineering. While going part-time fixing turbojet engines for Boeing or something. Seems like a solid plan.


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Have you looked at the green to gold program? If you get enough credits through the Army or Community College of the Air Force, you can get out after 1-2 years of active duty and work on a bachelors degree and ROTC to get a commission.


Have you looked at the green to gold program? If you get enough credits through the Army or Community College of the Air Force, you can get out after 1-2 years of active duty and work on a bachelors degree and ROTC to get a commission.

I might see about that, the way I had planned was get a bachelors on the side, and as long as I don't screw up I'm pretty much set for a commission.

Be a bit of work, but well worth it.

If I get a medical job like phsyical therapist (still hoping for), I get a ton of college credits from the job training, which is most of a year.


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If not, all the branches of service have some form of community college you can take classes through, and provide tuition assistance that completely covers the cost of the classes in most cases, as long as you pass all of the classes.

And if you plan on using the GI Bill, register for classes months in advance and keep in contact with the school's financial aid office or you ain't going to get dick out of the GI Bill.


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Hopefully to open up my own business, and make some money on the side doing some entertainment stuff here and there.


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I used to be in "autobody" for a while "auto collision repair". The chemicals everyday got to be to much, I'm a cook now... Still hate my job. FML.

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Working food service made me realize that I genuinely do not care about what I do for work, as long as I'm making enough to get by and the hours aren't hell. I can be happy doing pretty much anything, just no more 7 day workweeks at 80+ hours (on salary D: )


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It used to be some weird upper-middle management area but these days it's that plus hoping to keep from being utterly hopeless.


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finishing up collage to get my degree in automotive system's technology, looking for a shop to get a job in, may go back to school later for an engineering degree


Currently I'm a USAF C-17 Aircraft Commander and Pilot.
Within 2 years I'd like to reach 2,500 flight hours.
Within 4 years I'll be pinning on Major.
Within 6 years I'll be leaving the Air Force and transitioning to a commercial airline.
And sometime after that I'll transition from a FO over to the PIC in the airlines.


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At this very moment, I'm going through my second time applying to medical school while working full-time at a clinic doing patient rep stuff. It's such a draining process (both financially and emotionally), but I feel it's what I really want to do with my life. I used to think I wanted to go into psychiatry, but after the exposure to the mental health system as it stands now, I find myself leaning more towards family medicine/internal medicine.

Honestly though, if I thought I had a modicum of the talent/discipline necessary for it, I'd love to do acting or singing of some sort. I found myself drawn towards the performing arts in my younger days, but later on, I found my aptitude lay in the behavioral and hard sciences.

Oh well. Play the hand your delt I suppose! :)


I want to be a lifetime scholar. But to do this, I plan on owning various small businesses that pretty much run themselves without my direct involvement. It is like how a guy can start a landscaping business with some laborers he hires, work as a manager for a year or two, and then just hire a new manager while still having company in his name.


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"I have a strong feeling that "The Arts" is going to be a trend here"
Your suspicions seem to be confirmed. Personally, I want to become a professional author some day and make a living writing novels. In the meantime, though, I'm studying to be an investigative journalist.