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What are your favorite hobbies?


blue sky love

Sounds like me. I've got about two gallons of beef stock from the last batch I made. Nothing to put in it.

Yumm~ oh I actually make the roasted chicken just for chicken and veggie soup :3 all chicken meat goes in~


say stuff
and regret it afterwards
every time


Drawing and making characters, and writing stories about my characters, are by far my main hobbies (and a large reason as to why I am in this fandom). The only other thing I do often is playing video games. I have a few smaller hobbies which I work on more sporadically, but wish to partake in more often or try to find time to fit them in if I can or have the motivation - making video games (plus I need to learn a bit more on coding), I have been working on my first fursuit for a while, I am also taking up building a gaming PC, I occasionally model in Blender, and I am also currently in a D&D group each Friday night (which is honestly the most I have ever roleplayed in my life).


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I have too many hobbies, too little time. This is a major problem.

- Art (like drawing)
- gaming
- beads
- reading
- walking (yes I mean both walking and hiking)
- collect business cards
- manga (I don’t have a good enough attention span to watch anime for a too long time, often making me drop a series and never return but manga can I read on the go and shit)
- traveling
- culture
- psychology
- social behaviors.
- japan (I am interested in the land and do all I can to learn about the culture, land, social life, food (even though I am picky), language (starting my language class over again because I failed to speak it before summer (well taken we were supposed to be able to hold a minor speech and learn it in a year)) and so on)
- cleaning when I’m alone. I hate doing it when there is others.
- working. Idk why but I enjoy working even if I complain about the work.
- singing.
- decorating
- planning stuff
- boardgames


Deadend the Fox❤️
procrastinating assignments and houseworks

I'm so talented in it
:thug life:


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Hiking (I'm in a health situation currently that I can't, but I love going to my local woods)
Doll Customizing
Long Drives
Baking (cookies and hand pies are my fave things to make)
Cooking (especially pizza, or soup/stew)
Creepy stuff especially creepy pastas
Visiting really old graveyards/cemetaries. My girlfriend and I found one recently near where we live that is literally just disappearing into the woods. It's aptly called Old Langely Cemetary. We also found one once that was next to a church that was caving in. That was rad. :)


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I like reading. I like writing deliberately bad fan fictions. I also enjoy writing more serious stuff.

Analysis of unimportant things can be entertaining. I also enjoy discussing science and philosophy. I am not formally educated on philosophy but I enjoy sharing my thoughts on it.


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Climbing trees, eating berries and fruits, looking for females to mate with, and squawking publicly


Posting this picture on the internet, only on Friday tho
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Climbing trees, eating berries and fruits, looking for females to mate with, and squawking publicly
How is the penultimate one going?


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Really like to camp and hike in the fall. Also cabin camping in winter.

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LARP'ing is hella awesome, very far up my list. But I do miss archery, very much so. It's definitely something I wanna continue again once my studies end next year.