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What are your favorite MMO's?



Guild Wars, since besides two days of torture in Runescape it's the only MMO I've actually played so far.
But it's a pretty solid game, to be fair, and I'm looking forward to the release of GW2.


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Freelancer, because I'm a cheapskate and it's damn good.


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Star wars galaxies.

But it went by by


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Runescape Classic till it died, then FlyFF till I got sick of grinding. Hmm, I'd say Tibia is pretty cool if you have friends, and DarkEden was pretty interesting till it got killed by hackers. Oh yea, and GunZ... till it got killed by hackers. And even older, freakin' Ants on MSN Games! ...Till it got killed by hackers.

Godammit hackers, stop existing.


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I've played countless mmos in the past. Most of them I quit because they felt meh (ex. WoW), but some just got shut down (ex. Exteel).

I used to play Space Cowboy Online, which was my favorite mmo up until then, until that closed down and everybody went over to AirRivals. Then I was active in that for a little while until like 4 years ago.
Still the best PvP to be found in ANY game I've played so far, but many other features such as the grind, cash shop, and interface are shit.

Right now I'm sort of active in Vindictus and Tribes: Ascend.

Waiting on seeing how Hawken, Blade&Soul, and some other mmos turn out.
Might check out Tera and GW2 when they have like 7 day free trials.


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Phantasy Star Universe until they cracked down on the girls sending naked pics for in game money.


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My fave is Kingdom of Loathing. I love the humor and the intentionally bad art.

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I used to play a month of WoW. 'twas free for me xD
I don't usually play MMOs. I'm afraid I'll get addicted to them


Forsaken World. Mostly because it's free but I like the combat and the community events they have.

I like Warcraft's setting and Lore but the game was just really boring and it isn't free.


I played a tun of f2p mmo's lol, world of tanks,Vindicus,rusty hearts,Rapelz,Wow,foresaken world, everquest 2,ghost recon online,battlefield play 4 free, spiral knights and rune scape.super MNC

wot was okish i need to get a new pc so I can reinstall it. with out worrying about hd space.

*still have*lol I still have heh its a fun game to kill time with
the only games I kept are everquest2,foresaken world,gro and lol as well as super mnc


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Of the two dozen or so MMOs I've tried, Wizard 101 might be the best, although it is rather little-kiddish. WoW, of course, is undeniably pro. Dofus, Maplestory, and Perfect World were all good enough to keep me playing for at least 2 months. A Tale In The Desert gets an honorable mention for uniqueness and crafting focus.

Things that did not quite make the cut: Eudemons, Flyff, Luvinia, BrightShadow, MixMaster, Guild Wars, Runes of Magic, Earth Eternal, zOMG, and some more I'm too lazy to look up the names of.


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oh jeez, the last four i've played were Megaten: Online (Imagine online is the same), D.C. Universe Online, Star Trek Online, and Aion