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What Are Your Gaming Pet Peeves?


Back from the dead apparently
Day-one DLC
Releases that play more like early betas or alphas
"Mods will fix it"
Smurfs in competitive online environments with ELO or player tier
Obnoxious armchair generals in competitive online environments
Essential game functions hidden behind paywalls when the game pushes itself as F2P


Your Friendly Neighborhood Dino Therapist
Not being able to skip tutorials or cut scenes.

Slow loading times.

Guides or sidekicks who never shut up.


The Brutally Honest Man-Child
Having something a lockpick skill maxed but still only having a 30% chance to auto open something. Opening is easy, so let me fucking skip that part )8<

Jackpot Raccuki

Fucking Racon
-Game is only playable with friend and if you ain’t got that, fuck you loser haha.
-Day 1 Release is a buggy mess because no one listened to community’s idea to fix it!
-Refusal to rebalance or even fix years old bugs.
-Refusal to fix the meta or even have remotely viable abilities other than the meta ones.
-Grind that are purposely and obviously made to be a grind like limiting how much currency you can carry so you have to use it all then go back and get more.
-Mods are basically an entire game because modders are more dedicated.
-Obvious QoL mod that should be base game isn’t base game.
-No you’re missing 1 singular piece token and you can’t profess or finish the game and no we won’t tell or hint where it is. (Cute Pink in Bomberman island will forever remain in that cage because of a potentially glitched spade token.)
-Taking damage is bad! Tips that don’t provide actual help, or the “Act faster next time, dumbass.” In horror game tips.
-No communication between development and community.