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What are your guilty (non-sexual) pleasures?


"nEw UsEr"

...'s mechsuit.

I dunno what it is about it, but holy hell do I love that thing.

It's probably its robo-booty. It has quite the posterior, if I do say so myself.
Exhibit A
Exhibit B

What the hell is this community doing to me and why am I so okay with it?
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Anyone want thier biscuit fisted?
Cooking is not a guilty pleasure, it's a daily thing everyone does
I dont cook im very horrible at it and buget out food from subway and other places =/

Edit: you would think i was drunk with all these typos ive made but im sober


Like No One Ever Was
Watching care bears.


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Performing routine maintenance on someone's car and tightening the hell out of the oil drain plug.

Breaking things

Building computers

Eating everything, and definantly not regretting it later.

Driving "too fast" I mean like, 100mph or more too fast. Like, holy carp that's a tree and I'm going to die too fast. As in no, I'm not stopping for that red light too fast. Like, I'm late for work fast. Jimmy John's fast.


Classy cat