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What are your guilty (non-sexual) pleasures?


back to Aussie foxying!
yeah i have heard of that one
There it is!!!
There's not necessarily anything wrong with that. Much of it is apolitical, the kind of stuff all armies sing, and all of it sounds fine if you don't translate it!:confused: The SS on the other hand...best left alone
Yeah, i guess.. I just like the tune.. But i fear its turning me nationalistic.. I guess being a right wing nationalist at the same time i'm being a bi furry is kinda odd.. It's hard to live with and i haven't found a balance yet.


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yeah i have heard of that one
Ah, Squirrel and Hedgehog. It reminds me of the good old days of early televised propaganda when Bugs Bunny was a blatantly over-the-top racist towards Japs. :D

I have to admit it has its charm.

As for my own guilty pleasures, watching idiots navigate a busy parking lot ranks pretty high.


The guy with pie.
Oh and I also really like to take things apart, then put them back together. And yes they still work like they did before I took them apart.

Alex K

One time my wife pulled a gun on me and I found it quite stimulating...


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My guilty pleasures? Every time I catch myself stopping my channel surfing to watch Paw Patrol for more than 5 minutes. I hate the cute puppers. I HATE THEM. THEY ARE SO CUTE.

Also, gyros. Apparently they make you sick. I do not care. Give me the gyro.


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- Watching anime
- Listening to "bad" music, both ironically and genuinely (I used to jokingly tell my punk friend that if he knew about my true taste in music, he'd hate my guts)

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My two Dakimakura, Krystal the fox and Elora the faun.
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From one Texan to another, sometimes those "shady taco trucks" give you some of the best tacos you'll ever have! :cool:
Not to mention the most intense fire hole you'll ever have.
-Assuming it makes it that far and doesn't come back up instead.


Sometimes, I like to mess with old people who have hearing aids by cutting segments of my sentence silent while lip synching my sentences. So, what they'll end up hearing is something like this: "My brother and I went through the _______ and then we ______ and it was fun until our _______ came along and told us that we needed to ______ until our _______ were cleaned off." 9 times out of 10, they think their hearing aids are broken