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What are your guilty (non-sexual) pleasures?


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This probably sounds silly, but....
Writing about my characters... I'm absolutely fine sharing my artwork with people, but for some reason written stories seem much more... embarrassing?? It's probably because it takes longer to read, and therefore leaves more of an impact...

Edit: Also watching Storage Hunters. ^^;


Tombstone The Fierce Sergal
Some of mine are:
- Doing absolutely NOTHING on a day off from work
- Putting on pajama pants fresh out of the dryer
- Getting into a hot shower on a cold morning, or a cold shower on a hot day
- Eating an entire pint of Haagen-Dazs ice cream, or gelato by myself
- Cooking a steak to perfection
- Seeing instant karma happen to a deserving asshole
- A good, long hug
- Sleeping in
- Finishing my work early

Yeahhhhhh :D
Being lazy


Sometimes, I like to mess with old people who have hearing aids by cutting segments of my sentence silent while lip synching my sentences. So, what they'll end up hearing is something like this: "My brother and I went through the _______ and then we ______ and it was fun until our _______ came along and told us that we needed to ______ until our _______ were cleaned off." 9 times out of 10, they think their hearing aids are broken

Omg, that's terrible... fucking hilarious.... but terrible lol!


I just love to do random things to mess with people and that's my guilty pleasure. Another thing I like to do is to get a bunch of green and yellow gummies and chew them up until they're really mushy and then I'll start making a bunch of hacking noises in my hands while standing next to someone and then spit them into my hands and ask for a napkin from them. One of my other things I do is I will walk up to totally random people and act very upbeat and excited, have a short little conversation with them, and then leave after saying: "I'm afraid I have to go now, but it was nice getting to meet someone outside of the asylum." Or, I'll go into a bank and suddenly yell out "NOBODY MOVE!!!" and I'll wait for a good few seconds in silence and then say "I dropped my contact lens..." but, I don't even wear contacts or glasses, so when people start getting on their hands and knees to try helping me, they'll be looking around on the floor for 30 minutes for no reason at all.


Dire Wolf and Dragon Therianthrope
Playing games that people would give me flak for playing just because I personally liked it. Sonic '06 was a guilty pleasure until I experienced how much an obvious beta it really is.


Minogue be my furname, hello!
Hand sewing two pieces of felt together, tugging in the thread and bringing the two pieces closed.
Eating something warm on a cold day.
Smoking while it rains
Being dirty and exhausted, then getting a nice warm shower, drying off and later getting into a clean, fluffy bed.
Honey BBQ
Watching Star Trek Voyager.
Other than that, trying to get to sleep


Professional loser
I try to get every achievement I can on a game as long as it isn't nearly impossible or tedious.


Professional Watermelon Farmer
Listening to Anne Sexton read poetry, and in interviews, over and over, and wishing more had been preserved.