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What are your hobbies?

Nexus Cabler

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I'm willing to bet a thread like this has been made in the past, but I feel it's better not to necro it. Anyway, I'd like to know what the members of this forum enjoy doing and are interested in.

For me, it used to be art. I did it for a while, before my tablet broke. Apart from that, I like skateboarding, and have been doing that since I was 15. I enjoy gaming, mostly just handful of game franchises, as well as reading topics that fascinate me, ranging from mythology to astrobiology. Lastly, I've started working out. It's helped a lot with the stress.

the sleepiest kitty

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I love drawing and using watercolor paints! I also enjoy watching and performing improv and voice impressions. I'm a big fan of video games too, I also love playing with and cuddling cats and sometimes I like to sing.

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
I used to draw a lot more, but mostly it's gaming and Indian classical music now.


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Record collecting and digitising vinyl records, which I do a lot of even though it's kind of murder on my wallet.

I've also been getting into writing again after I haven't written for a good couple of years. It feels good to get back into the swing of things.


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Alas, my arch-nemesis Reality manages to keep foiling my plan again and again but someday I will catch Reality in a sinister trap from which there is no escape! When that day comes, there will be nothing anyone can do to stop me from exacting revenge on Reality and all of the fools who believe in it!

So yeah, dreaming up one fantasy after another is my biggest hobby. ;)


Bad Jokes Inc.
Playing games, watching Anime and reading Manga. Oh, and I guess commissioning art have become a bit of a hobby too considering I've been doing it a lot?


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Art, computer programming, reading/writing, and playing music are the main ones. I also like exercising and going to amusement parks. Trouble is, all these hobbies are fairly time-consuming. I'd love to get more into gaming and watching cartoons and anime, which I also enjoy, but I can never seem to find the time.


"I say we forget this business and run."
Things that most people here probably won't be surprised about: Tabletop wargames / miniatures, D&D, video games, reading. Things that can generally be done either from the comfort from one's own home or in small, relatively controlled social gatherings. Probably for the better since sports really wouldn't agree with my arthritis now, the pandemic was terrible for those who made a hobby of social drinking / clubbing, and certain behavioral hang-ups would render more thorough attempts at proper art inconsequential as I refuse to add finishing touches out of fear of 'ruining' the final product.

Sam Akuchin Wamm

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i play bassoon

Deleted member 144185

Video games, visual novels, web browsing and listen to music and videos on Youtube.


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I play a lot of games on PC/Switch, but I also enjoy arting. Lately I've been doing pixel art instead of digital landscape paintings, but I also occasionally go out and do nature photography. Well pre-covid anyway. I haven't left the house much since the lockdowns started last year ^_^". But going on hikes and bike rides on the local nature trails was a lot of fun. :)


mane diva
-Discussing interesting philosophical Topics
-Working Out
-Writing short storries
-Taking walks in Nature
-exploring myths and mysteries
-learing new stuff and aquire unsefull skills.

Chamelea Harding

i practice mma.

most jedi quan.


i'm fine
I like making languages.
writing system.png

That's a handwritten font by the way.
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The Red Menace
I would say agriculture but that is the profession, though it was once a hobby.

Now I guess my hobby would be rocks and minerals and gemstones, tumble them cut them polish them.