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What are your hobbies?


i'm fine
They're based on the symbols here:

But yes, I wanted the symbols to have that Japanese-y look to them, since the language is based on Japanese.

Kellan Meig'h

Kilted Luthier
Major hobbies are woodworking, luthiery, roller skating, water skiing, longboarding (Hamboard Classic and Pinger), boating (pontoon, hot boat, kayak, building a strip canoe), painting, guitars/stringed instruments, learning the piano, cycling, gardening.

woodworking was fun until the whole "Wood that's too expensive to waste" came along. Now working with 2x4's from Menards. Cheaper but I have to mill/dimension the lumber myself with inadequate tooling.


Professional Watermelon Farmer
lately the main ones have been:

-gardening (mostly ornamental/landscape related)
-records and stereo stuff
-hiking, and soon to be swimming again
...and rubberskunk fun-time, and plotting and planning new gear/outfits.


Professional Watermelon Farmer
Record collecting and digitising vinyl records, which I do a lot of even though it's kind of murder on my wallet.

I've also been getting into writing again after I haven't written for a good couple of years. It feels good to get back into the swing of things.
Oh! Another record collector! What sorta things do ya collect?

And they can definitely add up, at today's prices. Plus I'm always seeing new pressings, that I wanna replace some of my older records that might have got a bit...er...a bit beat up, in my wilder years : P


Werewolf a Tophat
I'm am currently trying to learn how to be a game dev.


i'm fine
Ooh, please tell more! I also really like languages. What kind of language are you making? Is that syllabary writing or letters?
It's just a bunch of random ideas right now, not really a sophisticated language yet.
But, I can give you this one sentence: khūmën nä kīki. It means The human is cold.
The script is also going to be an abugida, not a syllabary. The symbols you saw were the base symbols.
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Antelope-Addicted Hyena
I think it can be said that I'm a Renaissance yeen. I have so many interests that I always feel I fail to list all of them when asked. But anyway, you can hit me up on any of these subjects!

  • 3D art, with double "specializations" of furry critters and firearms,
  • Houseplants and "balcony gardening", if I may put it that way. I'm always trying to make my living space resemble a jungle! Sometimes it works, sometimes not, depending on a year, but I keep trying.
  • Reading. I was big on fantasy and sci-fi, but later my focus moved to more "serious" counterparts of science and spirituality. When it comes to science, anything goes really, but I'm particularly focused on astronomy, cosmology and more exotic (astro)physics. And on the other side, I enjoy reading about "non-mainstream" spirituality matters. So the both sides seem to have this in common, that I enjoy the more outlandish areas.
  • Shooting. While all I can have in my own possession is "only" an airgun, I went for the bestest my money could buy, and then some (I did shoot actual firearm on occasion, but that's extremely rare).
  • Cycling, just for fun. I'm not any big aficionado though, so no expensive gear, no racing etc.
  • I love walks in nature. Even better if it's hiking but it's a rare treat.
  • Sightseeing. It's hard to explain, I can feel very timid when in a new place ("Is it dangerous there? What if I get lost?...") but I'll set out and explore anyway. And since I can walk long distances without problem, soon I'll be very versed with what is located where, so well that I can be a guide for others.
  • Fixing things. Not any "constant" hobby, happens as needed. But when something's broken, my first instinct is to pick it apart and see if I can repair it. Sometimes this succeeds, sometimes not. I managed with PCs, bicycles, lamps, doorlocks, even a malfunctioning trackball. And I ended up with a pretty huge box of tools too, to facilitate all the tinkering.
  • Building detailed paper models. I'm not sure how much are you familiar with this, it seems to be a Central & Eastern Europe speciality. As an example of what can be built (note that it's an old work of mine). This activity has generally been on hold in recent years as I focused more on "building" things in virtual 3D space, but I don't abandon the hope of returning to it.
  • I should mention games, but currently I consider it a pesky addiction rather than a hobby, something that steals my focus from better things to do.

There are also things I'd like to get into but I have no money/conditions/opportunity for them.
  • 3D printing - try as I might, I have no place to keep a printer running, even as I could afford the machine itself.
  • Figure-making/sculpting - I know that some people, especially on DA it seems, are making "poseable dolls" with faux fur and/or felt needling. I kinda would like to be able to do that too, to bring my furry 3D models into realspace. But the time investment needed for it makes it rather impractical.
  • Amateur astronomy. But them telescopes cost a kidney...
  • Boating. I'm crazy fascinated with boats, ships, you name it. But I'm from such a dry place that when people want a lake here, they have to dig it out...
  • Aviation. Much like above, I'm intrigued and fascinated by it. But I have zero practical means of doing anything about this. At least the air travel, allegedly a nuisance for some people, is like a theme park visit for me when it happens. Bonus points that despite everything I'm actually afraid of heights, so it's kinda like roller-coaster - something controllably scary but not really dangerous.


Ever Caring Dragon Uncle
bideo gaems, watching youtube videos, sleeping (yes, i count that with how much i sleep) and writing as well as roleplay.

Jackpot Raccuki

Fucking Racon
I’ve been relearning unity to code games on because well, demotivating job.
I’ve also been making sprites for said game off on the side as pixel art because lack of art skills.

Id one day want try to draw but well, my desk is too smol to accommodate a keyboard and a mouse, along with a drawing tablet.

in short most of my hobbies are usually creative driven, but don’t often get to be creative because dull job.


Mostly playing video games, electronics tinkering and painting Battletech minis.


just vibing
I spend a lot of time playing games so it has to be a hobbie. I love computers and get very involved coding and thinking on how to solve "computer logic problems". Also, I play guitar and compose, which help me to clarify my mind and express myself in some artistic way.


The Cat in the FAF
Anime and JRPGs
I like collecting video games in general. I'm currently searching for other hobbies, thinking about getting into bowling now that everyone's getting vaccinated from the whole covid thingg. Maybe MTG too. I like what I've played of MTG Arena and dig card games in general.

Stray Cat Terry

테리 / 特里 / テリー
Observing humans' reactions and development.

Well, I don't mean to toy on people or anything. No matter I intend to or not, I just end up learning something every moment I interact with people--especially via real life encounters. UwU


I run outside with my dogs in the woods. I shoot guns with my bro and I used to work on my Warhammer miniatures before my friend got bored and we don't play anymore. Now I moderate my Discord server and host gamenights often. I also make Sonic OC's and RP with buds. I like to cook every now and then too.