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What are your hobbies?


philosophy & psychology nerd
i meditate a lot, especially when it's peaceful and sunny outside, relaxing and either zoning out entirely or reflecting on deep subjects like philosophy or psychology. though sometimes i can drift into a deep daydream whenever i'm just sitting around. it's very therapeutic and i believe it's the biggest reason for most of the personal growth i have towards being my ideal self - a down-to-earth, compassionate, unbothered and pleasant individual.

with that said, it goes without saying that i have a passion for human psychology and philosophy (i actually want to pursue some variety of psychology degree if i can in the near future). i love it when i'm able to have these deep conversations with people about either of the two, or both. it's probably my favorite subject to talk about, socially speaking. i have my interest in these two things to thank for my emotional and psychological health as reflecting on them for years and years has helped me gather a lot of beneficial traits to avoid being upset or angry about certain things, and happy or determined for others. it's just really helped me become a better person in general for myself and those around me. i also find that i'm able to give more thoughtful insight on certain things my friends talk about than they probably expect.

i like to collect things on the side as well. though i don't exactly have the income necessary to begin collecting most of the things i'd like to, i've a very long list of things that i plan on collecting that i've been keeping a mental note of since elementary school. things such as vintage arcade cabinets, video game merchandise, statues, etc.

i also like to play basketball. nowadays it's almost always just me by myself shooting baskets and practicing my dribble routines, but similarly to meditating, it's very therapeutic to just forget about everything for awhile while entering a zone of shooting the ball and running back and forth.

gaming is a given for most of us, and i'm no exception. i like to play mostly 2000's classics, but occasionally you'll find me playing a new game, though rarely triple A since most of them suck now LOL. i also watch a decent few of content creators/streamers. i've always been an achievement hunter, trying to do the hardest things you can do in games, such as completing all the halo campaigns on legendary, or completing every L4D2 campaign on expert, etc. - but whenever i play with friends, i'm a lot more obnoxious and non-sensical.

i also have interests in various media such as superhero comics, various 90's/2000's cartoons, a couple animes, etc.

i also browse reddit a decent bit, as well as a couple forum sites, including this one.

further on, i've always had this habit of juggling all kinds of pseudo-interests i'm not entirely invested enough in to actually do myself, but care enough about to learn a lot about it and watch videos about it, things like fishing, bushcraft camping, building/engineering, modeling/rendering, game development/modding, gardening, animal raising, etc. - the list really goes on. most of the reason i don't try my hand at any of these currently is because i don't really have the ability to do so. my state of living at the moment doesn't really allow for the outdoorsy type stuff. though i imagine once that changes i'll be one of those people who try their hand at absolutely everything. in general, i just really like learning in-depth about niche things. it's very exciting, in a way. like i'm boosting my knowledge stat or some shit.
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Digital Artist, Musician, Designer
I'll make a list too. =3
Creative hobbies, chronological order:
  • Traditional drawing/painting (example).
    Like most artists, I started in childhood from drawing simple stuff. Now it's a rare occasion for me to draw using traditional instruments, only when I have the mood.
  • 3D graphics (example).
    I got my first computer 10 years ago, when I was around 13 years old. A year later I started to experiment with Blender - no internet back then, no video lessons or manuals, just curiosity-driven random clicks - it was more fun than homework, hehe. Now I'm quite experienced I guess, but still learning a lot of new and more advanced stuff. Also I make all the models and textures by myself.
  • Photography (example) and photo editing.
    First work experience in 2013 when I earned some money with an intent to buy a camera. I have an organized folder with over 17K shots I made since then, I published about 500 of them and only about 50 I can call my favourites. A lot of experiments there in different genres: landscape, conceptual, macro, minimalistic, abstract, etc.
  • Music (example).
    I don't play any analogue instruments well enough yet, but do compose electronic music that mimics them in some ways. Started in 2016, now I have one EP release, a lot of demos and plans for a huge album performed in experimental, ambient, metal and other genres, probably with my clean and extreme vocals.
  • Film-making.
    I mean everything creative about the process: scenario, cinematography, editing, sound design, etc. I made a short documentary film in 2016 and several shorter video clips since then, none of which is available now. Eventually I'll make something new. =3
  • Digital drawing/painting (example).
    I got a tablet at the end of 2016 - such an eventful year. I draw pure 2D sceneries as well as use digital painting to edit 3D renders and add details/characters to them. I'm going to make more character drawings soon.
  • Animation (example).
    Not a lot is done here, but I'm going to make more as I'm exploring this field, both on its 2D and 3D sides. My first character animation is coming soon. =3
  • Design (example) and architecture.
    I'm interested in any kinds of design: industrial, interior, urban, visual, character, etc, with a special affinity to modern, discreet, efficient and flexible solutions. Occasionally I design different stuff for a commission or for my project, from accessories and furniture to gallery buildings and interplanetary research stations. I'm not a professional though and have a modest engineering and architecture experience, so this kind of content is intended to exist only digitally.
  • Game development (example).
    I made a little demo map some time ago to learn Unity basics. Nothing ambitious is planned gameplay-wise, just a little exploration game with an accent on lore and artistic qualities of a 3D environment.
  • World building: The Neeostar Project.
    Here is where things get epic! ;3
    It sums up all that is listed above. I'm developing a lore, illustrating it with static and animated pictures, composing a musical accompaniment, designing characters and their habitat and making a game to bring some interactivity.
Non-creative hobbies, random order:
  • Science.
    Reading books and articles about some sciences, watching documentaries and educational videos to learn more about some subjects. Sometimes I do it in order to find a reasonable solution for lore development, but usually just for fun. I have a special interest in nature, human and space sciences. =3
  • Hiking/Cycling. Most of my landscape photos were made during foggy night hikes, I love to walk out in the nature. =3
    Sadly I don't have a bike now, but enjoyed cycling before and will do eventually.
  • Badminton and chess. Sport activities just for fun, I think I'm at a beginner level in both. ;3
  • Learning English. It's not my native, so I'm learning it for a few years so far and gradually getting better. I guess talking to English-speaking people to practice the language can be considered hobby as well.
  • Watching movies/Listening to music/Playing games.
    Those are simple. I used to watch a lot of movies, but now it's a rare occasion; usually I prefer to watch something tasteful (Wes Anderson's works, for example) or purely entertaining (an animated series). I listen to music every day, to relax after work or the opposite, to focus and start working. As for games, I play very rarely because most of my time I'm busy with creative hobbies; and when I play, it's always a singleplayer.
That's all I think. Thanks for reading! =3


Active Member
I used to make a lot of Trance/Techno/Rave tunes, but when my drum machine died and I sold one of my synths, It's pretty much just stopped.

At the moment I've got back into gaming (mostly Guild Wars 2) and have put a bit of money into new games on Steam and looking to upgrade my PC in general so I have a bit more 'pro' gaming time. Running a 7 year old setup is starting to catch up with me :(

I also bought several sci-fi books a week or two ago and have started my way through one of them. It's been so long since I got reading.

Kellan Meig'h

Kilted Luthier
Boating. I'm crazy fascinated with boats, ships, you name it. But I'm from such a dry place that when people want a lake here, they have to dig it out...
I was from California originally and out there, they are running out of water. Even Tahoe is 2.5 feet below historic 'normal' levels. Here in Indiana, I'm really close to several lakes that are full. Hell, I can boat (idle speed only) on Shadyside reservoir and If I get gutsy enough, I can kayak on the White River.


Second Unofficial Autobiographer
I have been through a bunch of hobbies, but the ones that stick (and I work on when I have actual time):

  • Music - Playing guitar, singing and recording music/sounds in Pro Tools. This includes some mixing and such. My house-mate is also a musician so I expect this hobby to be more active in my life pretty soon,
  • Drawing - I want to draw comics, and have been spinning my wheels in semi-daily practice to try to get over my self-critical attitude toward what I make,
  • Philosophy - especially esoteric philosophy. I like discussing alternative points of view with people, sussing through the things that bother us and see if we can brush away the negativity and things that hold us back from being our best selves,
  • Nature - Walking in the woods, or in the sun, are some of my favourite ways to exercise and unwind
  • Sculpting - I use a kind of modeling beeswax, made by Stockmar, in lieu of 3D modeling (but I want to get into 3D modeling for real soon)
  • Programming - I taught myself enough C to be somewhat able to learn to make programs, but I admit to not sticking to it long enough to really get better at it. I want to make a small game engine, or some kind of interactive software that is either utilitarian or fun and easy to modify


big anxious kitty

Transformers collection

I've got more in storage
and one in the post

Left to right, top to bottom (by head position):
Top Shelf:
- Optimus Primal (Beast Wars) (Gorilla)
- Dinobot (Beast Wars) (Utahraptor)
- Rampage (Beast Wars) (King Crab / Artillery Platform)
- Blitzwing (Bumblebee Movie) (McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II Jet)
- Starscream (Bumblebee Movie) (Cybertronian Seeker Tetrajet)
- Airazor (Beast Wars) (Peregrine Falcon)
- Paleotrex (Kingdom) (Skeletal Tyrannosaurus Rex)
- Depthcharge (Beast Wars: Uprising) (Sukhoi Su-47 Jet)
- Hades (Prime) (He's kinda hard to see in the back) (Scythe / Crossbow)
- Rattrap (Beast Wars) (Black Rat)
- Shockwave (Michael Bay Movies) (Cybertronian Tank)
- Megatron (With Gora attached in cannon mode) (Prime) (Cybertronian Jet)
- Blackarachnia (Beast Wars) (Black Widow Spider)
Bottom Shelf:
- Optimus Prime (Michael Bay Movies, post-2014) (Western Star "5700 OP" concept truck) (Unofficial fanmade figure)
- Megatron (The Last Knight Movie) (Cybertronian Jet) (also unofficial)
- Barricade (Michael Bay Movies, Pre-2017) (Saleen S281 police cruiser)
- Megatron (2007 Movie) (Cybertronian Jet)
- Ironhide (Michael Bay Movies) (GMC Heavy Duty Topkick 6500 4×4 Crew Cab Edition Pickup Truck)
- Megatron (Beast Machines) (Mechanical Dragon) (Again, unofficial because chinese fans keep out-competing a billion-dollar corporation)
- Jazz (Michael Bay Movies) (Pontiac Solstice Weekend Club Racer)
- Starscream (Michael Bay Movies) (Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor Jet)


Queen of the Lycanrocs
Birdwatching, watching videos, playing video games, drawing, and writing.


New Member
I had so many hobbies before but just recently I've been diagnosed with MS and I had to change my lifestyle completely. I need to take tecfidera meds every day, drink and eat healthy, keep strict diet. From my old hobbies I only do yoga now and reading sometimes. Paddle boarding, running and cross fit are not possible for me at the moment :(
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Curt Goynes

hobbies are well mostly just travelling so nothing special Last week I had a great cruise trip through Vodohod! Highly recommend to have a similar trip if you are eager to see the beauty of the Volga river. It is really awesome!
Gaming, reading (mostly detective stories), travelling (before the pandemic), cycling, and drawing. Thanks for recommendations! ;)
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Reformed Cynic
I used to go to the gym regularly and to the range to target shoot but then covid happened. Though, that looks like it is beginning to end. Other than that, I want to take up drawing or some other form of artistic hobby once I am through with school.


resident Lab Wolf
Writing, Reading, Gaming, Motorbike Riding, SCUBA, kayaking. Not done the last two for months though.

Also been getting into art, and made some massive improvements in the last year.