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What are your New Year's resolutions?


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Or maybe just jot down some thoughts. It's always helpful to give others new ideas.

My resolution is to take care of my body this year. I quit smoking, bought a shitload of supplements, and have been working out a bit more. Might actually join a yoga class or something.

I also resolved to be a bit smarter with my money. Time to invest and stuff.

How about you guys?


Improve my GPA in college and get out of the house more often


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ahh.....? i'm not sure..
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I don't make New Year's resolutions, haven't since I was 14. I realized I am too lazy to actually do anything towards them in the first place, so I just make goals I find along the way and go from there.


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i never believed in new year's resolutions. i always thought it was kind of silly to make a long-term goal at the start of the year, as opposed to literally any other time.

Firuthi Dragovic

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I've stayed away from resolutions in the new year for the most part, but this year I was finally able to jot down a few:
  • Socialize more, whether that's online or offline.
  • Work more on video production, even if it's just gaming videos.
  • Pick up at least one new artistic skill.
  • The dangerous one, actually pay more attention to the world outside my town. (This is not the same as socializing; I call it dangerous because paying more attention may mean I'm exposed to politics more.)
I stayed away from the common "lose weight" one because that's one where I have a head start.
I hope to improve my art skills, get a better sleep routine, and go cycling more.
I bet you'll only get the first one.
I’ll be able to if I try my best!

Massan Otter

I've kept mine simple; I want to draw a little more regularly and get some of my own music into a recorded, completed form I can show to people.

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