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What are your personality flaws?


The Rainbringer
I tend to jump to conclusions or let my emotions play tricks on me. Not often but some times.

I also have a habit of getting stressed out and irritable at a slight inconvenience. Again, not often but it it's there.

Idk... Im sure there's other things.



And this list is far from complete

Firuthi Dragovic

World Serpent, overly defensive
The ones I can say for sure?

Easily angered
Harsh on myself
Unable to let things go
Quick to suggest the self-centered option*
Too interested in the long haul

There's probably more but those are the ones that occur to me.

* I think this one deserves a little explanation. When trying to help others, my tendency is to go for the option that would probably help the person the most, quickest - unfortunately, these are colored by my worldview instead of theirs, and they don't take into account the issue of everyone and everything else around them.


profound asshole
I'm the definition of cynical and it makes me a very, very unpleasant person to be around. It's the reason I don't have/make a whole lot of friends and the reason I stay quiet most of the time. I'm trying my best to come to terms with it as that's easier to do than changing my cynical nature. Being cynical isn't what I want, but It's who I am. I cherish those who talk to me despite it, and deal with my overall overbearingly emotional personality. My inability to make friends reliably and have stable friendships due to my attitude and negative lifestyle is the thing I hate most about myself, and It's something I wish to change, and have tried to change a large handful of times.

I'm also pretty bad with self-esteem, as I'm always beating myself down and am always assuming irrationally that people think negatively of me, and that they plan to do something / say something to me out of malicious intent, even if they're my closest friend, or if I don't even know them. To be more specific, In any community I'm in, I always believe that people who don't talk to me / don't try to befriend me are bad people. I know this is a very unhealthy mindset for someone as isolated as I am, and It probably contributes to said isolation, and I acknowledge the reasons for not wanting to be involved in a conversation with someone so emotionally vocal, but It's my self-deprecating speculations that drive me to believe that people hate me and think I'm not interesting / don't have interesting hobbies/interests, or just think I'm a bottom of the barrel person to talk to in general. I try my best, If I could be a more positive, talkative person, I would be, but It's not easy to change, as It's a huge part of my depression, anxiety and BPD.


Smartass skunk
Mostly my complete lack of self esteem, trust issues, abundance of self hatred, and rage that I've kept bottled up inside for over a decade. That's all.

Otherwise I'm a motherfucking angel.


The Cat in the FAF
I'm scared of talking to people irl and don't know how, so I never meet new people and gain any relationships.
I'm paranoid of the idea of people abandoning me.
I desperately want to be on good terms with everyone, and any time someone doesn't like me or rejects me I feel bad, taking everything personally.
I like "problematic" things.
I'm obsessed with anime and video games to the point where they are a large facet of my personality. I don't know anything else consequently.


Professional Watermelon Farmer
People have told me I have a temperament midway between Franz Kafka, and Donald Duck.


A happy dangerfloof
I'm too good and inocent. I know they should be good traits... and they would be if we lived in an utopia, but we don't. Someday that will be my doom.