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What are your preferred character builds and play styles? (For any game)

Firuthi Dragovic

Gamer Dragon, former speedrunner
High power and durability, and little finesse (NOT zero finesse, just "little"). Stealth is only to be done when forced or as a means of ambush.

I usually prefer short-range combat - get in their face, slam hard, and use the high durability to get back out.

I tend to be the one to draw the fire.

Unless someone else already has that role, then I fall into support roles like healing.

I generally do not play the fragile speedster or the cautious "carry"-type characters or builds until I absolutely have no other choice.

Ratt Carry

Well-Known Member
This depends on the game for me and what it offers. If stealth is really played up, I go for that since there's an interesting tension that's exceedingly rare. It's exciting to know you're somewhat a glass cannon if you spec into stealth. You're unstoppable in the shadows with a guaranteed lethality when you get close. But it comes at the cost of every single element being a problem you have to observe and manage. The instant you are exposed, that's the end of your fun. I love that tightrope.

But generally I prefer high mobility. If I can dash and double jump or do wild gap closing attacks I go for it. Especially if there's a lot of nuance/high skill floor.
Phantasy Star Online 2's Luster class is 1000% my favorite RPG class I've ever played and it's not even fucking close. It's fast as shit, sleek, there's a lot of depth, and it's extremely responsive with tons of options to optimize DPS. It feels like Devil May Cry 4 and that's what I want from similar classes.

And then there's guns. Again, I like moving around so I generally pick close ranged options that kill in few hits. This would be shot guns. Maneuvering to get in on an opponent by optimizing my movement and map routing to get fast kills is just satisfying. TitanFall 2 is the best at this for me and my personal gold standard for modern gunplay.

Honorary mention would be support. As shit as Overwatch is, it made me love supporting teams. I don't care how. I just love the responsibility of mending my team/party and the satisfaction knowing I got them through tight circumstances.


The Brutally Honest Man-Child
In games like fallout New Vegas, I am currently alive and well with maxed out speech, medical, lockpick and science. Repairs is next. Everything else is 35 or less (most under 20). I'm not sure what type that is, but I find good weapons and hope I don't miss!


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For FA:NV, I usually run a Guns-focused build with a particular emphasis placed on shotguns. This class of weapon starts out relatively weak due to their lower DPS, lower range, and higher spread when compared to other conventional firearms like semi-automatic rifles, bolt-action rifles, and pistols, but quickly scale to absurd levels of broken when you get access to the semi-automatic riot shotgun and the perks And Stay Back! and Shotgun Surgeon. The first perk grants allows each shot shell pellet to have a fixed percentile chance of ragdolling an enemy on impact; the second perks enables shotguns to ignore a set portion of an enemy's armor rating.

For extra cheese, you can focus your SPECIAL stats, gear selection, and several perks on boosting the frequency in which critical hits occur as well as their power. This is especially nuts due to how the game treats each shotgun shell pellet as an individual projectile with its own chance to hit critically. If you get a good grouping on something, use the right ammunition for the situation, and roll enough critical hits to boot, things tend to melt in one or two pulls of the trigger.

This type of build is so broken against single and clustered enemies that I basically abstain from using the riot shotgun at all unless I'm strolling through Quarry Junction. I just use the weaker-but-still-powerful hunting shotgun since it's more balanced, looks cooler imho, and the sound effects for both the pump phase of its reload cycle and its firing actions/animations are just downright sexier.


Back from the dead apparently
The only time I really show a strong preference for character type is in D&D/PF stuff - usually martials, melee-focused, sometimes skillmonkey. Most of my favorite classes aren't in the video games (Warblade/Crusader/Swordsage from Nine Swords, Factotum from Dungeonscape).


Lamenting Lynx
A question garnering many responses as intended.

It really depends on the game, but I either use the "fast but weak" archetype, or my favored ranged playstyle. Melee/close range builds are cool and add variety from time to time, but I naturally love ranged assaults. Quite ironic given my one eye, however it makes for a challenging yet rewarding approach. I've got a fondness for guns in-game or whatever my ranged options are. However, I don't always enjoy fantasy-esque moves as opposed to something more realistic such as bullets. (casting thunder upon my foe is awesome, but so is sending mortar rounds or a bevy of bullets too)
Again, it all depends on the game really. I know this is more geared towards RPGs and such, but nonetheless. Having close-range options can break the occasional boredom of firing guns all the time.

You ever see a half-blind, dramatic cat lay waste to monsters or whatever from afar?


Ranged, stealthy, light armor, quick/agile. It's funny, for years I thought I was so unique using a stealth archer on Skyrim, then a few years later saw just how memed it was lol

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
I like a well-rounded character who can do a bit of everything.