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What automobile do you own?

I own a '98 V6 Ford Mustang. It gets me around I suppose, but I would rather have a used truck. That way, I do not get worried went a scratch or dent appears!


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Used to have a used Hyundai Sonata (in automatic, ugh) before it died on me. Nowadays, n/a


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2009 Toyota Matrix only because I've got to haul stuff. I'd be driving something smaller and more fuel efficient otherwise.


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I <3 my Civic


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I have two feet, pretty efficient, cheap on gas, not many emissions.
I am planning on claiming my aunt's car when she gets a new vehicle, I have no idea what kind it is though :p


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Mine's um...a secret. > . >;

...I promise I'll buy one eventually.


I used to have a 94 Lincoln Town Car. :( I miss it so...
Anyways I walk everywhere I go now. Sometimes I will be a bum and bum rides from people. (I hate driving :( )

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2000 Toyota Echo sedan, blue, with over 92,000 miles so far.


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I own legs & a bus ticket.


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Two feet, A huffy mountain bike that needs a little TLC, a '99 cirrus that needs a bit more than a little TLC, and a small ration of gas.
There are a lot of people who like their feet! I couldn't see making a 15 minute drive a hour or so walk. It would be even more annoying since I would have to hump it back.


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A Subaru Legacy Outback that survived an hour of grapefruit-sized hailstones that totaled other cars.


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Adidas or Belleville Boots depending on which day. though i turn 16 next week, im hoping if i get enough cash to get a 90's Ford Bronco.
Had an '01 silver F-150, factory extended cab and very well kept. Looked lame as hell though. Traded up for a bitchin' '99 white 1500 Silverado extended cab: lifted 3 inches, with Nitto tires, XD rims, HID lamps (yeah, I'm one of those lifted truck assholes with beams that blind car drivers) , billet grill, 15 inch subs, custom hood, nearly no damage anywhere, and only 100k miles.

Fucking love it. Its a pretty toy truck, and like 85% of what I wanted in a truck.