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What banner ads do you get on this site?


Professional Watermelon Farmer
Me, I just got one for Mormons.org, and then, paper towels, and then, the army, and before that, some kinda spa. But what is weird is that I'm not a military sort, nor religious, and don't buy paper towels...though I guess a spa sounds relaxing, like out in Palm Springs, where you go in hot tubs, and get massages and stuff.

Anyway, I know this is tuned to your browsing, but in a weird way.

What ads have others got, just for shits and giggles?


a bubblegum pink nose
Paypal and apparently a website that wants me to subscribe for e-magazines?? Like...regular magazines are dead for a reason we don't want smaller more annoying versions of them.


Moon Moon
I get ones for sites you have to pay a subscription for lots of porn comics.... this site knows me too well 030

Kiari Candy

I get a lot of gaming ads, but like the crappy grind heavy games.
Like Elsword. I love the concept but it's too grind heavy.