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what breed of dog do you like best

Vesper The Coyusky

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Siberian Husky. Just those bushy tails and how they howl when you try to make them speak and talk to you, it just makes me have a soft spot for them. Not to mention their beautiful thick coats of not just black and white, but even the huskies with the white and white and red coats, I adore. I had a Shetland Sheep dog Collie growing up, so that would be a close second to my best. In the future, I plan on adopting a Siberian husky, just have to learn how to properly take care of one is gonna be the hard part.


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Miniature Pinschers and real American Pitbull Terriers are my two favorite breeds. I couldn't pick between those two.

I do like other pitbulls, but the APBT have been my favorite all around so far. American Bulldog is a close second, and Ambully's follow after.



The Cane Corso. It descends from the Canis Pugnax which the Romans used as guards, so it's no wonder theirs is among the strongest dog bites in the world


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My favourites are greyhounds and whippets!

It does have a lot to do with having a similar physique to them (they do say people look like their dogs...although I don't have one yet XD), but I've heard they're some of the most placid breeds you can find, very friendly...and lazy, lol!:D


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Chinese mutts, (唐狗). They are a type of common domesticated dog from Asia. Medium size, short-medium straight fur coat are the only 2 common feature of this not-exactly-a-breed (fully domesticated, with little to no selective breeding). The dogs dated as far back as the ancient Chinese civilization, and are known as the commoner's / farmer's dog.


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i have a huge soft spot for small terriers because that's the only dog i have ever owned, my family has 2 (a rat terrier and a yorkshire terrier). i love chihuahuas as well! just the little guys


My favourites would be bigger dogs but there are a few smaller dog breeds I like.

my favourites are probably Newfoundlands, Great Danes, Caucasian Shepherds, German Shepherds, Border Collies, Tibetan Mastiffs, and Siberian Huskies

but there are so many other dogs I like too, like Irish Wolfhounds, Dachshunds, Rottweilers, Saint Bernards, Golden Retrievers, Dogue de Bordeaux, Malamutes, Beaucerons, Bloodhounds, Greyhounds/Whippets, corgis, I could probably list them all day lol
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chocolate labs will always remain my favorite breed because of the first dog i had gotten as a puppy for my 7th birthday, bodacious.

i loved her, and my father and i trained her to be super obedient, and trained her plenty of hunting and guarding tricks (although we never used her for either.)

unfortunately i had to give her away when she was 7 or 8 years old because of a moving situation, but she went to a family with a lot of kids to give her attention and a lot of farmland to run around on, and even a big pool to swim in, too. i'm sure she's happy there, although i do miss her to death even to this day. whenever i look a chocolate lab in those beautiful eyes they have, i tear up.