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What brings you back to FA/FAF


Ice Pikachu
Umm I come back when I am bored of what is going on irl and in other chats and such since I don't know much here anyway. ^^


smell-good badger
I usually find myself in a strand of the internet, trapped in an eggshell while being bored, occasionally falling into the FAF puddle before drying off on another strand.


I came for the girls, stayed for both the girls and my lust to write furry erotica.

And because its the only place that makes me happy.
And this is the only place that ain't run down.
And I'm not banned.


I started coming back to FAF to get an idea of what kind of people I'd be meeting at AnthroCon. Also to harass Jashwa.

I frequent FA to look at the art, really. I find it easier to flip through galleries and find decent artists faster than on deviantart.


Maximum Awesome.
I like the stuff that happens on these forums.

I like the art that is posted on FA, and posting there will hopefully gather enough attention from someone to critique me and help me get better. Plus, I met some cool friends on there. I don't frequent these sites often, even less so than I used to, but I still like coming back.


Forgive Yourself
So lets be honest with ourselves.

Randomly throughout the day we end up on this website of furry related things and end up conversing about x or y piece of art and then getting into philosophical rants about something shitty happening in the world at any given time.

And then we get hit with the all the genres of pictography that we never in our lives wanted to be exposed to :/ (I can't be the only one who doesn't enjoy seeing scat porn on the front page or dick nipples or the like). Then there's the forums where our will is really not our own as we get drawn to being internet trolls or in general not being good productive members of society like we could otherwise be.

So tell me. What keeps you addicted to FA/FAF? It can't just be because you don't have furry friends irl; and/or there's "nice" people here.

Well I don't know, I guess I am just searching for something/someplace new to lounge at. For me this is a rest stop in my journey to find people hang out on the net with that share interests. I use to frequant [adultswim].com a lot but I grew tried of that. (Mr_Batou, name I used on there) I was directed here from a friend I knew from warcraft that has long since disappeared. (wish he would of let me know where he went) But I found friends here too, and like to hang out for a bit I guess. I mean I don't plan on staying forever, but we will see. The thing is that I am in-between finding dates and understanding where/what/how I am going to do/spend the rest of my life.

So I hope that gives you some insight on why I am here.


New Member


Damn I wish I had a job but it's pretty hard getting one in my area.