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What can I do to be loved?


Moshi Moshi, Byron Desu~
You can't make people love you. All that's in your power is to love others.


Mamma Yeena
Buy a rope and tie yourself to your prey really tight. Either they will learn to love you or they will die from having to carry the extra burden. Repeat the proces as many times as necessary.


100% organic vegan hubbas
Jam some bob marley on a bluetooth speaker on a bike ride through a nice sunny park? Smile sometimes? Courage in pursuit of what you desire? a few things you can do.


The Mercenary
Well, here's an obvious one, treat others the way you want to be treated. Also, try to stay positive around others, and maybe even try to strike up some conversation with new people. Above all else though, just be yourself.


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Have lots and lots of money and everyone will love you.


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There's different kinds of love. Do you want to be respected and adored? Romantically involved with someone? Just want more attention/feel wanted?

Step 1 in every case is to love yourself. If you have that, everything else is easier. Gotta look within first and take care of insecurities.
What can I do to be loved? How can I be loved?

Who do you want to be loved by? Do things that those people enjoy, but in a non-creepy way. People can generally tell when you do things just for attention.

Also, there's always volunteerism and being active in your community. That'll get you respect and admiration.


Mamma Yeena
I'll give you a sincere advice. One that I always fail to do.

Don't post/talk when you are angry, paranoid or lonely. Sort that out and post when you can be happy and helpful (and coherent).

After that, just keep in touch with people one way or another and it will happen eventually.


Well-Known Member
I second the love yourself first advice. It's what helped me. Figure out how to enjoy life and have fun by yourself, find something you like doing and can be proud of, and start valuing yourself and what you do. Confidence goes a long way. Paradoxically, when you are clingy and desperate and want someone, no one wants to be around you. But when you are independent, proud, and strong on your own, not needing anyone else, that's when people will flock to you.


Emotional Mess
Honestly, just be yourself and eventually you're bound to find people that will enjoy your company
There's not really a secret to being liked, it's just a combination of treating people how you want to be treated and trying to be a friend


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Might be you already are. Sometimes even people you think don't give two shits about you care for you and love you. Sometimes it's all to easy to be so self absorbed that you overlook those that do love you. And if you honestly have no one in your life that loves you, changing the way you act or behave might seem to make you loved, but it would all be based on the new persona you've addapt. You wouldn't be loved for the "real" you. The whole situation is a tough nut to crack. I hope you are just it noticing that you are loved, instead of being in a situation where that is true.


Faulty Household Appliance
You can only get back from people the things you put out, BUT, obligating others to love you because you've tried loving them so hard - does not work. The truth is, you can't ever expect to be loved. That's not how to human.

How to human :
see what's good in yourself and encourage that in others
clearly see what's not so good in youself, and take small steps toward changing
own your decisions. if you want to eat cake and drink beer, don't blame it on stress - those things are delicious and should be honored as such, and placing blame for your actions on outside forces demonstrates an unlovable cowardice. as well, don't make excuses for the good things you do or highlight an expectation for altruism. the most lovable thing a human being can do is help someone in need, simply because they have the resources to.
don't help anyone unless you have the resources to.
eat cake and drink beer. find friends who like cake and beer. share cake and beer with friends. eventually, you will find more in common with these friends and they will love you.


Why desire the love of others? That's the real question.


The classy Captain Furfag
That's something I can't figure out either. Or maybe I just don't want to... *shrugs*

I can understand how you feel. It's a human need to be loved, but for some of us it's a tougher quest to achieve.

I say, don't give a fuck. Do your thing and move on in life. I'll agree with others on this one, you're a human being before anything else, not the missing part of somebody else. You've probably got interests, hobbies, all sorts of things in your life. Live your life.

I tried all those years to be nice with others to get friends. Long story short I was a people pleaser. But it never worked. It's true that the more desperately you try, the more distant people get from you. And I'm not even talking about relationships here.

That's why I'm done with all that crap. I'm preparing my career, I've got a few hobbies, I put my efforts there, period. Of course I stay open to others. I'm always willing to interact and share my hobbies with others. But they'll have to show they're interested ever so slightly. I don't think that's asking too much. I tried everything else anyway LOL.

You really can't lose anything taking that path. In my case at least, it can't get worse, only better. And if nothing changes, meh...


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"If you can't love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an amen?"

If you love yourself, then you can love others and get love in turn.