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What defines a "Unique fursona?"

Sergei Nóhomo

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As others said, if you can't make a character unique by his physical appearance, it'll be once you give it a personality or even better, if you're up to it, a backstory.
My OC ain't the only silver fox in the fandom. But he is the only silver fox that is a maze designer.

I dunno. You don't wanna get too deep into that shit or else you'll end up with another Cold Steel


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I dunno. You don't wanna get too deep into that shit or else you'll end up with another Cold Steel
A small back story that is easy to understand is okay in my opinion.
No need to go too far unless the story of that character is linked to the story of other characters.


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I guess personality and looks. And not throwing your character in a rainbow machine to see what sticks. But I dunno, I don't think I'm unique even though I try.


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I don't know, but what DOESN'T make a fursona more unique is adding things people always add to make it more "unique" such as very bright, exaggerated colors or too many colors at a time. Adding horns doesn't help it either, heterochromia, hair that covers an eye, unnecesary wings, etc... It's not original when everybody else does it, but hey that shouldn't be a problem, if you lie horns, put horns on it, if you like a super mixed up hybrid, make one, if you like a plain gray wolf or orange fox, what's the problem?, it's still more natural and more "you" to do a thing because it's how you feel or because you like the simplicity of it, than trying to make it more comlex or """Original""" by adding things because people thinks those are cool, or becuase you think "I have to be more original"

For example this fursona "November" www.furaffinity.net: No Waiting by November it's a gray wolf, but hey, he's got an accessorie, a scarf, I only know one gray wolf with a scarf like that and it's him, I think that makes him unique, because it's proper of him, but I've seen too many rainbow fursonas that really, aren't very unique so to speak.


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my fursona is a fennec fox cross with a wolf, and to me its unique but all it is, is a wolf with big freakin ears and a fluffy tail, chuck a bit purple and black into the mix and then you got me, but to me its unique (even if it is a canine)

so make it what you want as everyone in the fandom is unique and thats what makes us the furry fandom


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i think i am unique


I made my fursona literally out of nowhere. I just thought, "A winged anthro snake would be nice.", and bam.