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What did you furries do to Russia's mascot?!? :O


What DOES my username mean...?
There is NO WAY the artist(s) and designer(s) of this character and animator(s) of promotional material did NOT see this coming. Dude, seriously! EACH AND EVERY FURRY KNOWS THE RULES!!

...i mean, how could they not!?!?

It's ironic that the Soccer mascot of a notoriously homophobic country has become a gay icon.
So beautifully ironic.

Once again proving Furries Ruin Everything ™
"Ruined"?? i'd say they improved it! LOL
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People need to fucking learn how Rule 34 works!

Also, the Russian government have a problem with public display of gay shit. The people however doesn't give a shit. Which is why this is even more fun: The only ones getting butthurt is the government.