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What did you get called at school?


Recently I shaved my all my hair down to 2mm and all the kids and my Geography teacher calls me "Sid" because aparantly it makes me look like Sid from Toy story, remember the kid who blew up the toys in his back yard? Well Im sure most of us have lifes and do not watch the movie Toy story and make notes about who the charecters look like.


Arshes Nei said:
Oreo, jungle bunny, nigger, nigger baby, camel jockey (forgot that one during the 1st Gulf war)

what's nigger baby i don't know that one please explain to me these arshes.


That Tail Girl . . .

This was of course way before I had even heard of the furry fandom, or any other group of people who might also wear tails. I just . . . had a tail. I wore it for fun and put ribbons or little bouquets of flowers on the end of it to match my outfit. :)


I've been called some names before, although most people usually cease and desist after receiving a Tony Jaa flying elbow to the trachea.
Still remains the strangest so far...

"The Russian helmet"


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bah, Im still in middle school. 8th grade. Im w-h-i-t-e and I listen to rap, lots 'o' criticism
G Unit kid, wigger, wanksta, the only one I like is 'white chocolate'


i was called pizza face,fat boy,nerd,dork, and some other stuff even worse like 4 eyes because of my glasses i hated that word so much.


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fortheladys said:
bah, Im still in middle school. 8th grade. Im w-h-i-t-e and I listen to rap, lots 'o' criticism
G Unit kid, wigger, wanksta, the only one I like is 'white chocolate'
I call certain kids at school Wanksta. I use it as in Wanker + Gangsta, not White + Gangsta.
Those kids need a few wacks to the head, no respect at all:roll:


I always used to get called Big Dog. It was actually my Ancient World teacher that started it, and it stuck. Some of the lesser used ones were C.B., flat-top, and big sexy.


A couple of my friends called me "Joey" (one still does) after the Yu-Gi-Oh character... Most people call me by my name though.


youkai-hime said:
mostly because it was a variant of my name.

what kind of name is that i don't know that one.
To be hones, I never got called names at school... but that's because I'm too friendly to name-call :lol:

Honestly, though, there were one or two people who called me "gay" when I came out, but that died down very quickly, and things are back to normal. Though there are a few homophobic peeps knocking about, but I just ignore them - best thing to do, IMO.


When people were being mean: short sh*t or midget

When people are being nice/are my friends: lil-David, big-D, shortie

It comes with only being 4'6" tall. ^_^;


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I was called Doc, because I treated a kid's eyes by flushing them with water following a spray deodorant war...a nasty thing, that! :)


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Kisser boy, Zandarr(my fursona name), Gizmo, Burby, Andy, that guy, big chris, a few of these were insults but mostly not.


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Hmmm... I got called numerous things : "Bean-head" - I have a large forehead, "Shaggy" - At school I looked like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo, "The Prancing Purple Ponse" - A more recent one from college, I went through a purple phase :lol:, "The Gay Keeper" - Play on words of "gate keeper".

None of them bothered me, I found them quite humorous. Nothing quite like having a group of people chanting "Bean-Head!" over and over during P.E lessons when I'd be kicking rear-end at Basketball :D


That bitch
I went to an all male military highschool...
I've lost track of the nicknames I got aside from a few.
Freshman ROTC instructor called my the Hamburglar... never quite figured that out.. but all four years I was there we traded friendly barbs.

Most common names:
Burke (My last name)
Bernie (My best friend.. MSG Osorio always got me and him confused, yet we were nearly exact opposites.)
Ben (What I went by)
CPT Burke
That guy with the gum/mints.


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Leesh is the most common, and still is. Family calls me Lisha. Had some friends call me E (one still does <3 ). EZ was heard now and again, for unknown reasons. >.>

I was actually called Kaiven a few times by schoolmates who knew me online...


The Android (i know it sounds pretty stupid, but that´s what people used to call me when I played football, something to do with having a dislocated arm and going back to the field after putting it back in place, also with sending people to the hospital, specially when I got angry )
Dinky (got no idea why) lol
Hmm...I shall list them: Note that my surname is Stevenson
Stevo (pronounced Steve-O)
Sexy Steve
Stevie baby
Stevie Steve
Steve Jeremy (from Ron Jeremy legendary Porn King)
(I found these odd cause I went to an all boy Grammar school and everyone I knew was straight yet they gave me the names >.>)
Now at uni it's become:
Evil Adam
Whoopsie Adam (grrrr.....>.<)


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im not lieing or kidding or anything.... what i was universially known as in hs was...

"smart guy"

probally because i talked in "loyer speach" and could pass any humanities class assignment or project even if i slept through all the lectures....


I was bullied horrendously at my senior school (um...I dunno what that is in US Dollars...I was 11 to 16) but a lot of it actually wasn't' name calling, which I guess shows some originality on their part, something I never actually contemplated before.

My official derogatory nickname was 'The Beast'. though I am also quite hairy ;) 'beast' is a pretty common (or was then) insult in Essex and in Innit (The official language of Essex :D) it pretty much just means someone who's ugly or repulsive. I got pretty much every nickname for being gay (even though I am not in fact gay but then that hardly matters when bullying is concerned) a latter one, and one I'm really quite proud of, was Goth Fucker (I was in fact, having it away with a Goth Girl and I was, frankly, well pleased about it)

S'weird all those years (and it wasn't a little bit it was every day) and so little of it was name calling...s'weird