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What did you get called at school?


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well, my nickname in school is RayGay. Cause im gay and all my friends know it and my name is Ray, funny considennce huh? :D


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"Furry" and "Kitten". But in general people just call me Kelsh.


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Either Joe, Joey or 60. I was called 60 because everyone thinks I have a 'light bulb shaped head' (60 watt incandescent bulbs). When my Biology teacher heard people saying that I had a light bulb shaped head he said 'Oh, don't worry sixty. It's not that bad.'

It's not that bad. 60 is better than what other people get called.
Me and my best friend were dubed the odd couple. He was very feminen and I have never really bin girly... ^.=.^

Other then that people just called me SammyB


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Get-dancing said:
To this day all the kids call me "forest fruits" cause of my many scars and acne on my face. Also the 7th graders always call me "apple boy", I really dont know why though, I dont even like apples.

Whats yours?

along time ago->Chant or something some girls said:
Loser, Loser, Double Loser, As if, get the picture, duh!

Now->And now the "your mom" jokes are getting old at school


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Let's see....

Hump-a-tree - Due to last name of Humphreys
Super-Smart Kid - My personal favorite
Postal-Kid - No idea how this one came up

As you can see, Not the most popular kid in school....


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I don't like how kids like me aren't labeled intelligent just because they get horrible grades and are out-going.



well what is it?
I never was really called anything. Some annoying plays on my last name, but other than that not much. People left me alone for the most part.


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The only names I heard were variations off my real name, I had quite a few actually,
Laura (real name)
Lulu, Lolly, Lolly-pop, Lol, Laur, Lulu-pop...
also, Gnome for part of 8th grade (I be short >.<, but it was all in fun :) )

The meanest thing I was called was a variation on my last name, and my last name is so rare and stuff, it wasn't even an insult, just an annoying joke.

I imagine I was also called "that quiet girl" or something, as I never (and still never) talk much, and was/am often not even noticed being in the room due to it (seriously, at work, at like 3pm a few times a week, people will as me when I got there, and I start at 8:30 everyday >.<)


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dragonfan said:
Arshes Nei said:
Oreo, jungle bunny, nigger, nigger baby, camel jockey (forgot that one during the 1st Gulf war)

what's nigger baby i don't know that one please explain to me these arshes.

Um, look it up on Urban Dictionary.
------------------------------------------------subject changing line

I was also called a hypocrite, most of the time I was crazy


Back in primary I used to be called,fleaboy and nit head:x.


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Who the hell is responsible for necro-ing this thread? ><

Since its back, I didnt have any nick names in school, cause I was actually popular =
Jeez... I don't remember all the names I got called o_O Try not too.
As far as the non-derogatory ones go, most people called me by my name. However, some of my friends call me ama-chan. ^__^ I've also been called "lesbian"! Because I am. XP Jeez, name-callers at my high school were so un-creative.


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Goliath...I like that!
I got Gandhi, among other things
i used to get either Morticia or Wednesday Addams. mostly because im a goth at heart, but dont work at the right places to warrent wearing all black. Im slowly getting color into my wardrobe, but they are very subdued colors...i dont like bright orange or yellow or pink on me clothing wize.

that and its so much easier to have all dark clothes to wash.

and this is truely said being a non emo kid.


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make up something negative, trust me, I got called that. I hated my school...luckely I now have a carrer thats more then learning how to flip burgerts while most of them are still bag boys.


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Still in High School, but a few years back I was called all of the satanist-demon worshiper stuff, which was funny. Now some people call me Fox Boy and Overlord lol.

Oh, and my friends call me *dunno if this is allowed to say* Cocksmoker lol.


In high school they called me silent Steve because like silent bob I was a fat guy who always (from the first day to the last) wore a jacket and I only talked when I had really had something to say.


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I got dubbed the Vulture because I have a tendency to start off into space.


I'm simply known as chicken wing


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Lots of things... and they were at high school. I can't remember a lot of them, but these are what I can remember
Flyguy (I'm a competitive swimmer and my best stroke is the butterfly)
Poodle (I had an afro for a long time)
Twin (I have an identical twin brother)
Joe (my twin brother's name)

and my personal favorite, because it's so damn funny

Pube (my art teacher called me that when I had facial hair running all around my face. He denies ever calling me that to this day. God, I loved my art teacher... he was so much fun)