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What did you get called at school?


hi ilu :>
I had a couple of nick names back in high school... The first one was "Mr. Awesome." The second was "El Presidente," which spawned the next one, "Sr. Caliente." I also got called "Shark Tooth" for a while in one of my English classes because I wore one around my neck some of the time.

At work one of my managers would call me "Gayvid Julie." Julie rhymes with my last name. >:


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"Fruit Loop"
"White and nerdy rich and curvy"

That's why I have come to the conclusion that 90% of people out there are jerks.


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I think one of my friends called me Nordy McFagpants for awhile. Nordy because of the fehu rune I wear and McFagpants because he's an ass.

Ninja, Furry...none of which are creative. Wish my friends were a little bit more inventive.

I don't think I ever got called anything bad by people who wished me ill. Being a metal head who blasts "Procreating Satan" in the cafeteria a couple of days gets you odd looks and lots of room in the halls when you livei n the bible belt :p
I got called Freak, "One of dem Gawtfiks", Crazy, an asshole, prick, bastard, etc, Columbine, punk, etc etc etc..


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Since I never had friends in school to be around and was o nly called by my real name by teachers only eitherwise pretty much ignored. I only had negative given names... those are as such:

Smoochy....ever since my english teacher called me that for some unknown reason to be funny....and then the movie a year later came after that. Death to Smoochy....I've been tormented non stop until i graduated from the school district in 12th grade since 6th..

Twitchy, blinky, and many other things making fun of me cause of tourettes syndrome.... :/ Just being different gives them the right to make school life hell.


sasquatch becaus of my ogre like size ime 6ft 4in and 200 pounds.
also the jolly green giant becaus I always have on something that is green and I am always nice to everyone.


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I wear green a lot too...I got called leprechaun once or twice -_-


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Xipoid said:
Rick (Richard)

I was a very inconspicuous kid, so no one knew who I was. They just guessed at my name. I didn't correct a single one of them.
That's just made me remember about the time this one guy went around calling me Alex...

My name's Michael, but he genuinely thought I was called Alex. <(._.)>
I never said otherwise, so for about half the school year I had two names.
He learnt himself when he started to hear everyone else call me by my 'real' name. <(>_o)>

Hmm... Fun times.


The "creepy kid", or either that "artist."

I was a completely antisocial, introverted, and deviously abstract. I lot of people knew me, but I knew few however. I only wish I could have opened up more.


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In my Senior year of high school, I got the nickname "Death." It's really much more of a funny story than you would think, but it's much more fun leaving it up to the imagination ;)


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Buddha was one of my favorite from school mostly due to my size and being a pacifist


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Everyone calls me 'Camp-bell-end', cos my second name is campbell. Well, either that or 'Gay Boy' (which doesnt bother me, since i am and they dont know). Most of my year in school actually dont know my first name. Most of them don't care, either. Still, better that than be their chosen victim.....

I go to a very nice school, as you can tell.


The most original insult ever: Four-eyes. Though that was back in Elementary.

I was never really called anything in Jr. High. People just didn't really like me at first, until about the last year when they came about their senses. XD High School rocked. >>

Oh yeah, in High School someone decided dub me "Creepy <name>." XD Fun times.


People call me "koffe" (swedish nick name of Christopher) or "datanörd" (computer geek). When one of my classmates is using a computer and somethings wrong they always call out "Du där! Datanörd" - "You there! Computer geek!" for help. At first it annoyed me but later I've come to accept it.


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Lanceleoghauni said:
Digitalpotato said:
"Fruit Loop"
"White and nerdy rich and curvy"

That's why I have come to the conclusion that 90% of people out there are jerks.


well you have to understand most people are basturd filled basturds with a basturd coating and my names were

A-d by one friend (my name is Adrian)

Fag (but they called everyone that)

fur by one other of my friends

or music man (because thats all I do)


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Big Dog....o_O..


people at my school call me ogre, because im so big.
The real assholes though, call me fatass. thats when i pick them up and throw them across the room ( hence 'ogre')


Interesting thread. . .

Postives: Tall:)D), Smart, pacifistic, Tan.

Negatives: Nerd, Geek, Jerk, Fat, Idiot, Emo(God I was so Stupid back then >_<), Fag(who's not called fag now-a-days) Grammar Police, ect.

Furry related ones: My friend called me Boy once(D : ) . . .Fur, Furfag, ect.
(And my friend calls me a Furry pretty much without concern for whos around.) ~ Grey


i had a few names in school. the ones i got called the most where;

Ghost, for the fact that i had this odd ability to sneak up on people all the time even when i didnt mean to.

Wulfy, not really sure how that got started but a few people called me it.

Shields, when not using ghost or wulfy everyone called me shields. its one of those cases where your last name becomes your nickname.

truthfully though. people where more afraid of me than anything. i rarely talked. i never smiled or joked around. so i didnt get many nicknames.