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What do furs do as jobs IRL?

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I work at PetSmart! xP .... As a cashier, so pretty meh... 'xD

I get to meet lots of fluffy things though. =P My favorites are this family with a HUGE Blue Doberman, a Pug, and three Lab puppies (one in each color xD), in which that Pug and all three pups pick on that Doberman ( :'D); a Boxer puppy named Rosco who likes to stand at the counter with his person (^^<3); and a harlequin Great Dane named Titan who standing up would be taller than most grown men. xP .... Not that there was any point to that. xD

Lobo Roo

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Working in culinary right now, planning on going into the Navy...probably still for culinary, but with better pay and government benefits. :D


I'm a student right now, trying for art and computer science majors. I want to get into animation/game development after college but if that don't work, I'll do some programming...also want to do commissions but no luck yet.


Mexican Wolf
I work as a customer service rep for charter communications. I take calls concerning cable problems and i also handle sales, billing, and much more. anyone have charter i could probably get u awsome stuff for free! like hbo stars showtime all kinds of cool stufs for free because your a furry and so am i XD pm me if your a charter cust ;)


Currently I am nothing more than a student, but after I graduate I will be a full fledged art teacher.

You know one of those really strange ones that everyone loves!



Mexican Wolf
Currently I am nothing more than a student, but after I graduate I will be a full fledged art teacher.

You know one of those really strange ones that everyone loves!


so freaking awsome im going back to college this spring to get my degree to teach ^_^


For the past two years I worked as a research assistant, serving the roles of meteorologist and weather modeler. Then the project's funding ran out. Now I'm trying to get into the National Weather Service (without much luck so far) while I finish my thesis. The only work I've had in the past three months is seasonal delivery help for UPS.

Looking back, I kinda wish I became a park ranger.


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I'm a child-care worker ^-^

Currently working as a Nanny and casual baby-sitter, although I plan to start working in a Centre next year, while I work on my Child-psychology degree.

I'd like to specialise in Gender Studies, as I wish to work with children who are diagnosed with Gender identity disorder (transgendered) to make transitions occur more seamlessly and earlier.

The more people who grow up in the correct gender, the fewer gender-related suicides will occur.


Dance Commander
I'm a chef, but only an apprentice.

Which is cool words for 'I clean crap up and cook whatever the professional chefs don't feel like cooking'.


Mexican Wolf
i can get any of my furry freinds the hookup on thier charter cable thats about it for now spring classes start january 18th!!!!!


Eudyptula minor
I'm a student right now, but I work for town Parks & Recreation doing all sorts of miscellaneous tasks that need doing. I also work for county Board of Elections, but that's just a sporadic kind of thing (elections, etc).

I have no idea what kind of "real" job I'm going to get when I'm finished with school (a few more years to go - probably going to go for my Masters). Ideally, I'd like to do library or museum work.


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currently, I work at a pizza place, but after the school year gets done ill be able to start in on my profession: welding


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*I* go to college. So I don't have a job.

This also means I have very little money. : |


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I'm a receptionist for a small family owned motel...heh


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I just applied to work at Petsmart =D I'm so excited! I love animals n.n

My future career will be animation, though =3

...:confused: creepy im going to do the same thing! (shudders at the thought of doing the exact same thing but hugs the thought of it also ^.^)


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I am a freelance writer and graphic designer moonlighting as a customer service rep.
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