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What do furs do as jobs IRL?

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Currently I work as a lifeguard during the day, i fucking love my job. I get to work outside, go swimming and yell at little kids all day long! Who could ask for more?

At night I work in a bar, bartending and as a bouncer. And yes, i watch roadhouse all the time.

Used to be a Mechanic at a large Ford dealership, fucking hated that job with all my soul. Worst 2 years of my life.


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I work in the electronics department at Walmart. It's not glamorous, but I like it and it pays my bills.


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I'm in an ETWE the Royal Navy. And that's all I can tell you.


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I'm currently a student for a Major in Information Technology (Networking) and a Minor in Middle-Eastern Politics. I know REALLY odd mix but the minor is from my foreign exchange in a years time, actually going there to study it. As for a paying job, call centre, with businesses on behalf of other businesses. And part time photography on the side, for parties and stuff.


Freelance Webdesign

Currently seeking job in pc related enviroments


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I work as a librarian at my colleges' library. :D


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I work at a movie theater! I clean the theaters and sell tickets and food. Its pretty awesome. I also get to watch movies for free and since we have 30 screens we get just about everything.

No clue what my future career is though.


I graduated from grad school in May. I now work as a software engineer, working on open-source software among other things.


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I work in a factory... and though my "official" job title is welder, I almost never do that anymore. I've proven myself to be too good at learning things so I get passed around within and between the various departments a lot... at least until I decide I don't like it somewhere and pick on the supervisor. Then they send me somewhere else.

So glad I'm starting school soon XD


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Well, i am currently in healtcare, as hard as that is for even me to grasp.. but hey.. life happens :p

Anyway, yes, i am a PT at home caregiver, but during the summer i am also in Landscaping, mostly self-employed freelance stuff, but i do have one steady PT lined up aswell.


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Well I'm a concert pianist. :3 This season performing Rachmaninoff's Third concerto, and Tchaikovsky's First. Among some Bach small program work. (Chromatic Fantasie and Fugue, and 2 of his partitas) With the occassional Ginastera Sonata thrown in there. I love what I do.


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Hmmm, I guess it's okay to say. I'm actually a locomotive engineer & engineer instructor. Don't get to act like my furry self, at work though. (the haters) :p

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I am a curtsy cluck witch is a bagger and a cleaner at my local grocery store
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