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Critique: What do I need to work on/ focus on next?


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Hi! I know my art needs improvement, but I don't really know how to do it! I was wondering if I could get some advice and constructive criticism on what steps to take next for my art, or if I could get some good resources, examples, tutorials, etc.

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Thanks for the help!


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ground your characters, take it easy on the smudge / air brush, practice on different head angles / expressions. as for backgrounds, tone down the saturation, and use a different texture to separate it from the characters (use hard brush to block out colours, then select blur, rather than smudge / air brush create a less floaty bg.)


how i mine art?

Maybe do some focused practice on the head as a 3D shape.

You seem to have a pretty good intuitive idea on how faces, muzzles, etc. all fit together on a head, so some further practice and refinement would really work well with the foundation you've got going.

Character sheets are great for seeing how different shapes can be adapted for different heads and faces, even in similar species. Frex, Donald vs. Boris.