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What do you do at a furcon?


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I just attend panels, use the video game room, and (if I have my partial) participate in the parade. I'm an introvert though, so I'm sure there's more to do if you're interested in group activities


I'm too shy to go to a furcon... I'd have a panic attack from the huge crowd...
My friend Jeremy wants to visit one, but he's not able to drive - and his family is dramatic about different stuff, so he'd never ask... closest con to him is the one in Asheville North Carolina, which is over an hour away.

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Get drunk, party, go to panels, act awkwardly with other people and fursuiters, spend all your money, and that's about it. How do I know? Because that was pretty much my experience at my last con.


Jeremy's a gamer
Cons typically consists of
Artist Alley - A gathering of artists that show off and sell their art. This can range from things like drawings/illustrations, shirts, pins/buttons, figurines, stickers, exc.
Swap Meet - Similar to the artist alley, except it's more of a giant goodwill where people sell a range of collectibles and other knickknacks.
Panels - A large room where people go to discuss topics or listen to a host talk about a subject. These activities usually have some level of audience interaction.
Photo Shoots - If it's a themed con, there's usually group photo shoots. Photographers and fursuiters/cosplayers gather at a designated area to take a ton of fun photos!
Dances - Most nights of a con have dances that last until midnight or a couple hours after. If walking around all day didn't tire you out, this will!
Public Spaces - This is where most people socialize. This is harder to do at larger cons since it's also where people do photo shoots. Some public spaces are outside and may include food trucks.
Game Room - A room full of video games! Games typically vary but usually consist of multiplayer games like Smash Bros. and Dragonball FighterZ. They can also include casual games like Lets Dance as well as VR games.
Video Rooms - Some cons have dark rooms with projectors that constantly play shows/movies. They're great for those moments where you need a break between events.
Activity Rooms - Variety rooms where people play non-video games. These are less common but can include things like dodge ball, Nerf battles, foam fights, karaoke, human chess, and more. There are also activity rooms with board games, like non-human chess.

Cons are a plethora of activities and it's important to consult the con's activity guide before deciding on whether or not you're interested in attending. But most importantly, be sure to socialize and have fun!

PS, sometimes there's after parties on the last 2 days but this widely varies and is usually just held between a handful of friends. Very rarely there will be lobby parties where people drink and socialize publicly.
Gaming room... are handheld games like gameboy and DS allowed in the con?


The people hosting the gaming rooms don't usually have handhelds set up for people to play, but I've seen people play games together on their 3DSs while watching others play console games. It's definitely a place for people that like playing video games to congregate.
I wonder how many street pass tags Jeremy would get...
He'd be in the gaming room 90% of his time. =/


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lol im too young tho! i don't have a paypal or anything like that xD,
but as soon as i get enough money im gonna get a fursuit and a ticket to anthrocon ^w^
You could make your own fursuit. It's really not that hard if you take your time.

You can do lots of stuff at a con. I've seen all kinds of different activities. It just depends upon what you are into.