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What do you do for a living?

Butters Shikkon

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I've officially been a med student for one week now.

I worked on my first cadaver two days ago, and going back later today for practice.

Congrats and good luck ^^!!


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I'm a genetics lab technician. We... pretty much sequence DNA. There's some interesting R&D that goes into it too. We try to help develop more efficient methods for sample preparation. Part of the goal in the field is to get the cost of sequencing a human genome down to $1000, which will probably happen some time next year. I plan to continue working in the core facility for a couple more years before finishing my PhD.


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Nothing, still fucking jobless.

However I am asking my job center adviser about obtaining a CSCS card, that would allow me to apply for a lot more jobs than I currently can apply for. In fact if I had a CSCS card I would have had a job before now.

Is that kind of like the Work Ready program? One of those things that lets you take classes on basic business skills (like business math, computer use, etc) or test out at a certain level to prove you have certain basic skills? I've been thinking about taking it (the Work Ready program, at least testing out for a certificate) because a lot of employers are requiring it even if you've had work experience that would meet or exceed the basic levels.


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I've officially been a med student for one week now.

I worked on my first cadaver two days ago, and going back later today for practice.

Congratulations, what kind of medicine if you don't mind my asking?


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I dont have to work, Im too young yet. But I want in the future to be a Dermatologyst (Skin Doctor) Half of my family are doctors too, we kinda have a lot of tolerance to blood ;)


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Right now, scholarships. And of course my culinary career. But I may soon become an apprentice to learn the lost art of long-needle pine tree crafting.


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Barista at sbux.
Aside from the horrifying fact that the majority of our business now is in selling shitty little teenagers overly sugary frappuccinos that will give them diabetes before they're 25, it's a really fun job. And the benefits are quite lovely.


Congratulations, what kind of medicine if you don't mind my asking?

We were told during orientation that most of us will change our minds during our studies. Right now, my three biggest interests are primary care, oncology, and pediatrics. We aren't expected to know what area we would like to practice in until midway through year 3.


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I breathe and eat, that tends to keep me living.


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My full job description is ... Public Safety - Police Department - Animal Control.

I am an Animal Control officer that works at the local animal shelter friday, saturday and sunday.
From 9am to 6pm.
$8+ an hour is pretty freakin sweet to me.

I also run the facebook page for the animal shelter, upload pictures and provide descriptions for all of the animals on there.
I also clean the animal shelter three times a day, clean litter boxes twice a day, and feed/water the dogs twice-three times a day (depends on how low the water dishes get during the day for water), and also provide grooming, had some training as a vet tech so i can administer vaccinations correctly and check for heart worm, and also train the dogs the basic commands (sit, stay, down).

I lurve mah job.
Not many people, but it gets exciting once in a while.
Biochemist stuck with the menial tasks of doing MTT assays, cell culturing, and other boring stuff. Pretty soon hopefully I'll be in a PhD program at UMD to research avian immunology. After that I'll be a professor and teach the wonderful field of biology while working to treat illnesses in wild birds.


I do dumbass football players math and science homework for a weekly fee of $25 dollars (essays cost $5 per page),protection from bully's,and eating lunch with them. I make about $175 a week. My mom doesn't like me doing it but she's happy I'm getting "the working experience" an she's really proud of me being my own man. I'm just happy they eat lunch with me and beat people up for me. I love being smart.
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I'll be attending a commercial drivers license school this coming week and the next two or three weeks following. I used to work in a restaurant, but the pay sucked and I wanted to get out of my home town, been here too long. So, once I finish my classes I'll be driving tractor trailers across America for a living.


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I am officially a professional student for the rest of FOREVER.

...Until I get a DVM and a PhD in EVERYTHING in my field or I go broke. Whichever comes first. Feel free to place your bets on which it will be.



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Well for starters im going to be getting my commercial drivers liscence and drive buses for a little bit, once i get enough money im going into law enforcnment but with a twist. Ill be getting a double major in sociology, and psychological profiling and once im signed up for a department do hostage negotiations. Ive already been through a few training courses for the hostage negotiations and even assisted on a real case. I get to work the streets, which is my main goal but get extra pay.


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Something boring, but well why not to share this.

Financial specialist and accountant working for one of the largest brewery in the world. Plus I tend to work as a semi-profesionall photographer, webdesigner and graphic designer. Also had an episode with DTP services. :) But I am now happy where I am, quite enjoying my work, even despite the fact that this doesn't gives me sufficient funds for commishion purchases ;)


College student as a chem major. Probably gonna either go for my doctorate and perhaps do something in environmental chemistry.


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I'm a novelist, mostly mainstream Sci-Fi and Fantasy. My first book is coming out in America next year. :)


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Sounds good contrast, hope all goes well with it!

Me, i'm a Lorry/Truck Driver going all over the U.K. Hours are long and odd but the pays alright :)
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