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What do you do for depression?


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I draw for relative reasons, and/or talk to someone close (That isn't family), very hypocritical when I'm depressed( usually extreme amounts of lonelines) and all I want to do is be alone. Sometimes you just need to vent.


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I used to be nigh suicidal all the time, after some self reflection and a change of scenery I have never been happier.

My advice, try to hold in there. things will get better


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1. Drink coffee until pain has reached a manageable level.

2. Put on a sad video, movie, or song, and just cry.

3. Talk to trusted friends or family about how you're feeling. (Especially helpful if you're feeling suicidal or hopeless.)

4. Go for a walk.

5. Do a simple art project.

6. Do something kind, helpful, or nice for someone else.

7. Play a video game.

8. Watch a movie.

9. Read a book.

10. Eat healthy foods, especially ones with Omega-3s.

11. Go outdoors and get sunshine/Vitamin D (if sunshine exists where one is).

12. Consider the possible cause of the depression. If you think it's being caused by an external problem or event, consider how you might respond or react to that in a way could bring a sense of resolution or closure, no matter how small.

These are some of the things I do, at least.
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I use a technique I created called the Bottle Technique. When I get angry or sad, I'll take all of those emotions and bottle them up. Now it may sound abd at first, but what happens to me is if I bottle them up, my emotions just switch off, and I stop crying, or venting. I'll sit with the appropriate music playing, and ponder about different things until my problems aren't pressuring anymore. And then I return to normal. I have gone through reactions to family deaths with an almost emotionless face with this technique. It can allow me to switch off my emotions, and save them for when I have proper time to let them out.
I love the treadmill. Intense cardiovascular exercise makes me near euphoric. Also I've been learning to play the banjo. It's a really pretty, high quality instrument and I look forwards to getting to play it. Just holding it makes me happy. Loved ones help too.


Well...you tried
Surround yourself with the people and things you love and spend as much time with/doing them as you can. Sooner or later you'll remember why you keep going, or at the very least it'll distract you from the reasons why you shouldn't. That's what i do at least. If you know something specific is causing your depression do whatever you can to change it, mine used to be rooted in extreme isolation and social anxiety (although i have no idea why i still have depressive episodes, i suspect it'll never truly leave me) and i ended up getting myself committed to a psychiatric ward to combat it. If you don't have anything you enjoy find something, anything, and pursue it. The alternative is a slow death. Do whatever you can think of that might make you want to live, it takes a long time to work up the courage to actually try killing yourself so you might as well do something in the meantime. No idea if any of that's actually helpful but well...that's my experience with it.


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I've never taken medication because I don't think I really need to, so most of the ways I deal with depression are venting through a Twitter (because I know only like a couple people pay attention to it), drawing things, and playing games to keep my mind off of things that are bothering me. Sometimes I'll treat myself to something nice, usually something like take-out food I like or a smoothie. My girlfriend has helped me recently too by just being there and supporting me when I'm upset.

It doesn't help me 100% and I have really bad moments that'll ruin my sleep or just completely drain me, but it helps to some degree.


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went i get depress i vent to my friend, but then i lost all my friends so i decided to go furaffinity and try to be more social by replying and making treads.

i feel like everyone shits on me when i do so. im a furry and i hate the fandom


I don't have a coping strategy yet. I refused medication from the doctor because I see it as medicating the problem away rather than solving it, so I was put on a talking therapy waiting list. When the appointment did finally come up I was too anxious to go so cancelled it. I'm bad enough with strangers, never mind telling all my problems to one.
I play videogames , takes me out of my current mood and helps me distract myself from it. If not I just lie on my bed and reflect , I usually come to the conclusion that I have to move on at some point and things start to go uphill from there.


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This isn't a cope for in the moment episodes, but I take vitamins, try my best to get out of the house, and sunbathe. For momentary out of control world-ending feels, I put in a scary movie. Very little effort beyond just sitting there, and by the time it's over adrenaline will have knocked me out of the fog. I guess it's comparable to motorcyclists or rock climbers or gym rats - endorphins keep you stable.

Mostly I just hang on, and let the world be shitty for a while. I try to make a list of real and provable examples why life may or may not be shit, and this helps with cognitive distortion. My friends are really good at listening, so try to find someone who can agree with your feeling bad but will still try to encourage the fact that you're awesome and can handle a shitty situation even if it feels overwhelming.


If you've been on medication for quite a while, and I figure that's different amounts of time for different people and different medications, if you're more or less okay but still get bouts of depression, that's normal. Anyone can, most do, it's just when you have depression as opposed to just get depressed, it's not just phases but more of a lingering spiral and the fleeting moments of happiness you get are like the "depression" others get. So basically, you just stick to whatever was working before and if it doesn't after enough time, then you have to force some kind of change. That's the thing about medication, it's basically just the training wheels, the simple little tool that removes whatever barrier is keeping you from riding the metaphoric town bike (yeah I know I'm sorry but I had to). It treats depression the way Preparation H treats hemorrhoids, except you don't need a glove to do it. It doesn't stop it from coming back permanently, it just makes it easier to find the motivation to stop letting your life suck. And poop less painfully?