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What Do YOU Do When FA Goes Down?

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As a part of my social science research into the furry fandom, I'm curious what all you guys and gals do when FA goes offline. Serious answers, please. I know how much you love your jokes. But this is for posterity so be honest.


I hardly use FA anyway.

But when it did go down once, I just came back here and noted down the number of people viewing the Site Status threads.


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Go on another website, one with more appeal. Like Youtube.


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Play some TF2, contribute at home, school work.

I think there's a problem with this question, though.
It pretty much assumes we're doing nothing but browse FA, all day.


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Every few minutes, I go to habitually check my messages.

When FA goes down, this does not change, only instead of going "aww, no messages" or "ZOMG MESSAGES", I go, "D'oh, it's down and I knew it I hate you autopilot!"

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Nothing, I just cut that out of my daily routine.


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When I'm horny: There's other sites like e621.
When I'm not: I usually realize I promised things I'd do for my FA watchers, so I just get started on those other things.
- I go to other sites.
- I go offline and find other important things to do.


Hmm... It's never been down when I've been using it. If it were I'd just go browse deviantart instead.


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Read a book
Play minecraft
Do homework
Watch movie
Take a shower
Hang out with friends
Clean my room

When Fa goes down I just get slightly annoyed an then do something else; the only time I really get aggrevated is when it's down for days.


Resistance is futile! If 0 ohm
Go bowling
Or play pool

Online skype chat with my family
Use the bus to go to the mall
Talk to my friends
Sit in the library reading books
Initiate a conversation with someone
Do something else obviously
Eat a meal I just made
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I come here to see the same threads about how FA went down, but then I just go play a game or two, write, play with my dog, or just lounge around.


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The main site? If I was using it at the time, I come here and check the reason it went down, then press refresh every 15 minutes or so whilst doing other things.


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