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What do you hate about the furry fandom?


The drama.
The people trying to cover up the sexual side of the fandom and pretending it doesn't exist.
people saying the fandom is all about sex.
the "high and mighty" fursuit builders.
and the noobs who are all like "OMGGG I'm a furry now and no one understands meee".


I know I'm repeating something already said but...

All that porn stuff, that is what give us a bad name, even being a minority in all the fandom.


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Those hypocrites that are all holier than thou about how people go about the fandom. I mean fuck's sake, so some people like sex with it, it's no skin off your nose! And this should be the LAST place I should have to worry about that kind of thing!
(side-note; society's attitude toward sex in general annoys me. Fecking prudes need to get over themselves.)

Then there's also all the assholes around here, self-deprecation's one thing, but half the posters here give the impression that they hate everything to do with the culture and everyone engaging in it. Seriously, there is no way in Hell I should I have to defend myself as a furry on a furry website from other furries. The infighting is completely absurd at times, I can't even dismiss it as trolling, I think it's usually their completely honest opinion.
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Hakar Kerarmor

Oh, what I hate about the furry fandom is the idea that we are all a big group of murry purry buddies who all love each other, instead of a bunch of random people who happen to have one thing in common.
I realized that there IS something I do hate about Furry Fandom. The membership dues! The base membership is more than my morgage payment. And it doesn't count to parking. Even the outdoor lot is ten bucks AN HOUR, and that is for MEMBERS, and the Valet parking is twice that, plus tip. Sure, they've expanded the lunch buffet, but the drinks are a separate charge! I understand the costs involved for the signet ring (6 K, but worth it) but a full K for the lapel pin? Sure, I was given mine back in the '80s, but for the newbies coming in, seems a bit of a gouge.