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What Do You Hope...


The Sergal that Didn't Vore
I want to make it as a doctor, but if that can't happen ever, it would be enough to find a career that I can be happy doing indefinitely. I want to earn enough of a killing to be able to afford to have a house built with separate music/craft rooms, pole dance studio, annexe for studying and a pool cave for a basement, etc.

It's my plan to have a big, busy family at some point, just like I am part of now. Except bigger and busier and keeping the awesome going.

Also to get my book published, and finish the series, and steer the story away from the bad fanfic theme it has right now where everyone is shipped with everyone. And to have the strength to do this.

I want to be able to spin fire like a badass.

I want my asshole ex to come crawling back again for me to FINALLY be the one to walk away and break his heart.


Active Member
I put away 1/4 of my paycheck into savings. It hurts, and I can't enjoy the game consoles and restaurant outings my friends go to, but once a year that ads up to be enough to visit almost any country for a week or two.

That's a very smart thing to do. I'm usually good with managing my savings, but I tend to run into a lot of trouble at times. Nevertheless, I do like the idea and will try to make it work.

Pepe le Chew

I want to be.. well, happy. What would make me happy? I'd like to say any number of things would. Whether or not they'll succeed is another question entirely, I admit, but that doesn't mean I'm a fool for trying.

I hope.


Pasties, Cider, Surfing.
I want to travel as much of the world as possible. There's so many amazing places i need to visit.
I want a career doing something i genuinely enjoy so having a job isn't so much of a soul sucking chore.
And when i'm done with being an immature, alcoholic adrenaline junkie, i'd like to find myself a nice wife and settle down in a foreign country, have kids, grow old and die happy.

Realistically, I'll probably be stuck in a shitty low paid job for most of my life, working summer seasons on the beach and winter seasons in the mountains, back and forth forever, making just enough money to pay the bills and squeeze in one or two surfing trips a year. As far as settling down goes, who knows. My soul mate might be out there. I'm guessing she's probably drunk up a mountain somewhere like myself.


I want to keep progressing with my studies and get into a decent residency, in whatever specialty I eventually choose. My hope is that I never become as cynical and jaded as so many physicians become, and that I continue loving what I am doing!


What do I want out of life?

Well I want a few things. I want stability most of all though. I want to know what I have, and be safe in thinking that it'll be there always. I want a home, and I don't mean some big mansion just a modest little home that's mine. I want love, but I think everyone wants love. I wouldn't be opposed to a family either.

I also want a sense of purpose. I'm tired of aimlessly drifting around through life unsure of what I have to bring to the table. It'd be nice to know that I've accomplished something with my life, and that at least in some way I mattered while I was around. So far I'm doing a terrible job at this, but I'm hopeful that time will bring me to where I need to be. ^.^


Ice cream is the only way
I hope to be reincarnated as an ice cream in the next life. It is what I was always meant to be. It is my destiny.
I hope to live my life in moderation, and find a living that I'm content with. I want to stay out of other peoples way, cause as little harm to the world as possible, and try to impart what little wisdom I do have on others if I can find an appropriate time and place to do so.

I have a list a mile long of much more specific things I want, but that's the name of the game for me. Whatever fits in there will make me happy.


More Metal Than You !!!
I would really like to make it in the music industry, but it's just a pipe dream, still stuck playing the club scene when I can actually keep a band together.

Realistically,I'd just like to find happiness...not too far from it right now, just waiting for a few more pieces to fall into place.


Are we moomin, or are we dancer?
I want to complete my Earth sciences degree well. Then I want to further expand my studies to incorporate more diffuse planetary sciences and attain a job with a space agency. I've met people in this city who personally know geologists who've become astronauts, and that would be the most wild possible aspiration.

I think I will be able to complete the first two aims, the others are significantly more difficult.


AFP's Most Unwanted
I hope to see humanity achieve in colonizing other planets before I die.


I hope to see humanity achieve in colonizing other planets before I die.

Hopefully the whole colony to Mars thing works out then :)


As long as it's fun and I get to do one amazing thing that I wouldn't dream of doing, life is fine by me.

And nail some creative hobby down. They're all so fun, but mastery is better.


Well...you tried
I don't really hope to get anything out of life, i just want to enjoy the time i have left.

Coyote Club

El Gordito Burrito Bandito
I hope to find a reasonably priced house, and a wife that is willing to express unconditional love (the same kind I'm willing to give her). If I have children I'd like them to have a good education and have them learn the truth behind history (vs. the warped and watered-down version sold in school textbooks and on some websites). I also hope to build my own aircraft before I die.

I guess the fantasy hopes are down to:

1) Fly in a Mig 25 Foxbat.

2) Fly high enough in the atmosphere to see the curvature of the Earth

3) Get my own open-wheeled single seater car with a turbo'd 4 cylinder that accelerates like a missile (modified Lotus 7 anyone?)

4) Get back into gliding, earn all possible badges, and make at least one "attack" on the current wave soaring altitude record

5) Return to restoring aircraft before I die

6) Make it to Texas Furry Fiesta in 2015 with my first badge (from PurryFurry)

7) Get the secrets and dirty laundry purged from my family

8 ) Buy a fursuit for my current fursona and possibly a few of my OC's

9) See the Olympics in person

10) Obtain a passport and use it frequently


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I want to stay out of other peoples way, cause as little harm to the world as possible, and try to impart what little wisdom I do have on others if I can find an appropriate time and place to do so.

I don't think you get much wisdom without getting in people's way :/

It seems a lot of people's wishes are basically Money, House, Family, Success in my field...


Feigning intelligence
Well, it is my hope to excel in my field of study and become a renowned horticulturalist. I would also like to spend more time in university to study plant ecology and taxonomy, if possible. Achieving my dream of building a private botanical garden would be wonderful, though unlikely to happen.

But to be realistic, I would highly likely end up as a hobo in street considering how incompetent and lazy I am, and how I lack willpower to correct that.


More Metal Than You !!!
I'd like to add finding a meaningful relationship to my hopes. Maybe it's just growing up, but I have almost no interest in meaningless flings anymore...I just want something with real substance. Sorry to go all sissy-ass bitch on y'all,I'll stop now.


Was hermiting.
I don't want to be alone. I kind of want to change things in the world for the better, probably move country as well.
Being realistic, I'm aiming for a career in Physics as it is my favourite science (despite the pay being low). I don't know, we'll see..