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What do you look for in a badge?


I've always wanted to do badges, I even bought a laminator like 4 years ago that I never opened because I didn't end up getting any commissions (I was a lot less organized back then to be fair)
What do you look for? Are you more into fullybody minis, cute portraits, themed ones (like food or gore), do you prefer to have your name on it?
Do you prefer having BGs (like patterns) on a rectangular shape, or are you more into them being cut out?
Pencil or marker? or paint (I can't paint) Or digital, where you have to print it out yourself
so many questions!!
What I prefer to draw is usually a portrait in pencil w/ the name along the bottom, pretty traditional.
I'm hoping if I learn more about what people are into I can start offering them properly and finally get that laminator some use!

Swizzle Valcar

Just some fox coyote hybrid
I like mine as a shoulder-to-head shot with the name underneath, while also capturing and aspect of the character. For example, a character called Taffy would have some candy around it. But that's just my two cents.


well thats good haha, I admit I had hoped more people would reply. thank you for your response I appreciate it