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What do you look for in the fandom?


Hare Boi
Porn and cute art and a place to express myself. I swear, I’ll start writing one of these days.


Furry from the discount section
Porn and cute art and a place to express myself. I swear, I’ll start writing one of these days.
Maybe you should start writing now.


Chocolate horse delicacy
I look for several different things.

I'm supporting an artist on Patreon, because she is making a comic that I'm a fan of, and I love the world she has created for her comic. In that way, I look for the furry story of this comic, and the arwork of the artist.

I look for artists to commission on FA. I'm pretty much always interested in expanding my gallery, as I want more pictures dran of my fursona.

I also look for artists to follow on FA. Especially ones who draw a lot of pinups of different characters. I like to collect those, and use them for inspiration for stories involving my fursona.

Another thing I'm looking for, is a place for my fursona. It's difficult to describe, but I don't want my fursona to exist in some vacuum on her on. I'm basically looking for a community or world where my fursona can fit in, and where it's possible to share ideas for the lives of the participating characters.


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I'm here for the art in general :D I like the different styles people have, it inspires me n.n also I'm here to meet new people and make friends :D


Late Healer Ferret
A: cute art
B: place to show off my cute art
C: Yiff


Interesting, fun or thought provoking discussions with people of similar interests.

Shadow of Bucephalus

Something I never thought to ask so far: what do you look for?

We're all looking for furry content in general, obviously, but what do you specifically look for the most? (if it's too nsfw, don't describe it in much detail, forum rules...)

I have a weakness for adorably drawn/cute art, as well as any traditional artists because I also draw that way.
In a word-



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Good looking and cute anthromorphic characters and people who also like them, i can't just go around with this stuff to my friends offline, they would realise how weird i really am.

Matt the Terrier

Woofs! Wiggles! Wins!
I came here to look for and make friends, particularly in hopes that I might find some more Illinois-based railfurs, or just railfurs in general. Have had a little success, seeing as I found Metrofox (and IceColdSolid on the mother site), but little success is better than none at all.
Of course, I come here because of the banter, and sometimes even to role-play, though tbh I don't do that as much as I used to.

Also, @Simo seems to be like the popular student of High School for the forums. Almost everybody knows his name to some extent, and we've come across him at some point or another. The good news is he's good lil' skunk, even if he's a bit too obsessed with spanking foxes. X3 We love y', Simo. You're awesome, and don't ever stop being awesome.
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Smart batto!
Friendly people and good anthro artwork (mostly for aesthetics, though some lewds I like too because animal people are hot). Not much into culture, slang, conventions or fursuiting, I'm more of a crossover fandom member than some sort of involved lifestyler .w. Emphasis on "friendly", of course, since some people on FAF end up being really angry really fast over really stupid topics, and that's the habit fandom could do without.

(Simo is a decent folk, but I don't like picking favorites publicly, since that's kinda shitty to every other good person on the forum. So, I'll just say everyone is cool here at least as long as they're not assholes about things)
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Love cute furs UwU
I'm mainly looking for new points of view, beside that, cute art to brighten my days (both sfw & nsfw), tutorials for drawing, fursuiting videos aaand… well, that's it.
Some time ago the main objective was to make friends. Well, you need some social skills to do that. *sigh*
Have a nice day y'all :p


I like to draw, and I like to look at other peoples' art. Since discovering the fandom, I was pleasantly surprised to find that furries are also creative in other ways. The writing, the fursuits, etc. are pretty cool too, but the art is why I'm here.