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What do you need to do with a fursona?

I'm planning on getting a ref sheet for one, but what do I do with it? I can't draw, I don't know what stories I should write (if I should) , and I can't get a fursuit, so... any point? I would like to have my own character though.


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Well, for me, I just like using mine as a general reference to *me*. Like... it's me, it's something to show people, something that people can see a piece of art of and know, "Oh, that's Tytysi!" Personally, I don't have a real interest in getting a fur suit, but I do draw him. I also loooove commissioning people to draw him because staring at your sona in only one art style is realllyyy boring.

I guess I also sort of treat my Sona like I would treat a fandom. So... I like collecting art of it (as I said) and getting merch for it. As far as merch goes, things like badges, stickers, and keychains are my preferred option.

I honestly don't even have a ref sheet for my sona, though I really should. I have plenty of arts, but nothing that shows him for everything he is in one piece of art. .3.


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I've also thought already about this question, since I'm currently working on my first sona, too. I think it depends on what your expecting of the fandom. You can do just like Tytsi and collect art of your character.
If you can't write good stories, it would perhaps be a good idea to do some rp if you like it. I could imagine that this is a good practise to get better at writing and thinking of stories.

For me it would be important to make some friends in the fandom, because I don't know any furries in rl. But this could be hard only via internet, especially if you don't draw by your own. I've looked at several profiles on FA, and most people who aren't doing comissions for others do not have very much watchers, and those watchers they have, are people who know them in rl, I guess.
So I'm definitely planning to attend Eurofuerence in 2018, I've read several times, that it shouldn't be a big deal to make new friends at a con. I'm also planning to get a suit, when my char is alive once. At school i was in a theater group for one year and in the end, we performed Shakespear's Summernightsdream, where I played the Theseus. It was such great fun for me to do my performance in front of an audience. So I could imagine, that it would be also great fun for me to play my character at a con!


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For me, its imagination (and inspiration); once i decided "hey this is going to be my fursona" i can draw her in different scenarios. When i am in a car and able to look out the window i'll imagine her getting into specific predicaments (and other characters and stories i conjure up in my brain)...When i get some money i'll gladly commission other artists to draw her and maybe other characters im creating and develop a cool story that brings me happiness when I think about it!! Maybe i can make a comic and others can also be happy!!
Its like harry potter or pokemon or whatever you like..you sit back and wonder "man i wish i could live in this universe" and you can!! its all imagination!! (im sorry i sound extremely corny..im trying to be extra positive because i have to go to work and i don't like it there)


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I can't draw either but like Tytysi said. I want to commission artists and get merchandise of her. While I don't plan on ever getting a fursuit, I still like showing who I am with a Badge, a tail and ears when I get to go to conventions.


I just like representing myself with my fursona, I don't tend to specifically use it for anything. Though, that may change. Also, I could draw you a headshot icon without charge if you would like one- I drew mine.

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Hmmm . . .for me, a fursona exemplifies my public face to the Fandom. It shows some of my traits, and sometimes it reflects qualities I wish to have. I can "step into" that character and be, for a time, whomever it is I wish to be.