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what do you thank of my dancing bird


bird of dance

so thought that i should share my sona and see what other people think.
so this ashley feliz or ash for short. he a inspiring dancer, who want to hit big in broad way but for now he works part time at theater as a stage hand and sometimes plays a extra. he lives with his friend, jessica in two person apartmen. he sometimes help her at job, serving drinks at a club. he as a has a happy go lucky personally mixed with a flirtatious one. his Hobby's are dancing, reading romance novels and books , shopping. ok tell me what you think my sona. there more details in his backstory but that just goes into his family. art is by mgmrkatze
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Always nice to see another fellow bird! He's very cute! OvO


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I love the color scheme! I'll always have a weak spot for characters that have pink and purple <3 He looks very lovely, I can't help but imagine what his dancing would look like :D