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What do you think about the yiff side of the fandom?

What do you feel towards the yiff/porn side of furries?

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Mr. Sparta

Scale Face
I use testosterone to decide this, so my opinion varies.


New Member
No problem with it existing, but in terms of being exposed to it, or porn/nudity in general, im a genophobe, so i find it at best makes me incredibly uncomfortable, if not outright "aahhhh, run away" panicky.


Analogue fuzzball
I don't think that it's right that sex has become separate from 'normal life' and I know the probs it causes being taboo. People either embarrassed to speak about it at all or speaking about it way too much.

As to fursonas and yiff on FA I think it's sweet when two people who are probably miles apart get to be close online and perhaps have a picture made of their fursonas being intimate. If people can't look beyond it 'being animals' then that's just being dumb. I tell you what is WAY more creepy than a couple of well drawn anthros getting close and that's 'manly' blokes sending photos of their genitals via the internet to people they barely know. No intimacy - just nasty.


Roller Coaster Imagineer.
From what I've seen, some furries are in this for the porn and almost everyone else is against them. I want to know why. It's not hurting anyone. Yes, I understand that people outside of the fandom only see that side and don't want to see the rest of us because they generalize.

You've seen everything wrong.

Most furries are into it for many things including the porn. Then when asked they act and say crap like: "The porn is the bad side of the fandom and we're all jesus's disciples that would rather clean the bed every now and then and ask for forgiveness, or let our balls explode before fapping to anthro art."


Slasher Movies & Devil's Music
I don't mind its existance either, seeing as a lot of people manage to pay taxes with that kind of stuff so it's all "honest earning", but I'm miles long from finding it pleasing to the eye (or other senses, for that matter xP ).


Parking Lot Enthusiast
Animal people can be sexy.

Then again pretty much anything with curves and boobies can be sexy.
These days I don't give two toots about adult art. It's there, it's not going and it's only going to multiply. There are better things out there to jerk it to, and some picture is not ever going to replace actual sex so whatever.
It's no weirder than all the anime porn which there is twice as much of (and twice as weird), and there are no bestiality connections (anthros are like 20% animal tops.) despite what some like to claim. Comparing anthro to real dog jerking is like comparing a washing machine to the terminator. They're both made out of metal and run on electricity but they're a world apart.
The only thing that bothers me about yiff is that furries are too open about their sexuality. You see it a lot on FA userpages. "I'm a member of pansexual furs, dom furs, watersports furs, pet furs", nobody gives a shit, good for you. People fill their artist galleries with nice SFW stuff with hardcore porn scattered around like landmines...which is kind of annoying when you just want to go in and look at clean work (yes I know about SFW mode, but it sucks balls).


Meat Popsicle
I like it. Some of the artwork is beautiful if don't count the ones with the fetishes that no one wants to admit they're into.
That and I'm still the hormonal cesspool known as a teenager; the list of what doesn't turn me on is shorter
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Archmage of the Wandering Isle
Good yiff is cool.
Smutty yiff is bad.

I can sink my teeth into a good comic with good characterization and naturally good sexual content. But if it's just sex for sex, then whatever.


The Last of Us.
Just kinda relevant i guess, but now worth its own thread. For those who have or have thought of having themselves in adult art is it just a casual thing or only for actual couples to share?
Just curious, seems to be a helluva lot of YCH kinda things up lately.


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Well-done furry artwork is often hot whether or not it's deliberately erotic.

The turn-on is that it's furry; having actual sex or nudity in it can add to that when it's there, but the amount of fappable material in the fandom far exceeds the amount of x-rated material in the fandom. Sometimes I'm not sure if people get that.


Servant of God
<--- the fact that I am Christian should say it all. I don't think porn really does anyone any favors in the long run.

But I know that there is nothing I can do about it. When people get horny, they get desperate. That doesn't mean I dislike it any less, though. Some of it is indeed good art, but to me it's like a well presented meal that tastes like crap, or a good tasting meal presented like a pile of dung, pick your poison.


*Crawls into traffic*
I hate the word with a burning passion, but I'm indifferent to the art. Some of the fetishes though confuse me to no end.


Good yiff is cool.
Smutty yiff is bad.

I can sink my teeth into a good comic with good characterization and naturally good sexual content. But if it's just sex for sex, then whatever.
I agree with this. Good erotic art - fine. Badly drawn or weird content - I don't want to see that, but I can't tell people to stop drawing bad porn.

For those who have or have thought of having themselves in adult art is it just a casual thing or only for actual couples to share?
Just curious, seems to be a helluva lot of YCH kinda things up lately.
The YCH thing makes me wonder, too... why would you want your character to be drawn having sex with a random stranger who won the other part of the acution? I won't judge people for that, i just don't understand it.


Simply amazing.
Asking what I think about yiff in the fandom is like asking me what I think about Rule 34 for the rest of the Internet.
It's there, it's always going to be there, and there's no end in sight. There will always be people who like making erotic art as well as people who like to look at said erotic art. The end.
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Bringin' sexy back~
I wouldn't mind it if it weren't for it's omnipresence. Kinda ruins the mood when I want clean images and desensitizes me when I'm actually in the mood to beat off. :/

Mr. Jumps

New Member
Seeing how it was my intro into the fandom... I still look at it everyonce in a while, but its kinda goudy and pointless 90% of the time. Many artist have amazing artist skills, but just out right spew garbage. Put a little bit of emotional need into it.

As for SFW I do agree, people need to mark/ only post in appriote areas.

Thats why I tend to just use tumblr posters, but they post "yiffy" or adultish themed art on them. Might as well just out rught log into hardblush at work. >.>


Fag Enabler, Breeder Disabler
People bitch about yiff and porn way too much, it gets old fast especially when they get on their high horse and start handing out free judgement.


Just looked up YCH - surely half the fun is thinking of and commissioning a pose of your own design?

From a buying perspective, it gives the customers a good look at what the pose would be with your character. You have a good idea of how it all fits together and it can star yourself without thinking into madness over a suitable pose.

From the artists perspective, it can help generate a good bit of money through an auction from a 75% finished preview. People really want to take that spot at many means and some even split-buy for multiple spots; which is pretty weird in itself but it shows a lot of interest.


New Member
Nothing wrong with it. I mean, I don't really mind it. Some of it can certainly get to me, but I do not actively pursue it myself.

I just really dislike that the stereotype for the fur community is entirely focused on this one aspect...there are so many more interesting things and topics to explore than just yiff art >_>


Fiery Wanderer
I honestly don't give a damn about the sexy side of furries. So long as people don't butcher an anthro's design, it doesn't matter if it's just watching TV or hosting an orgy.