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What do you think of owls?


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I think little owls are adorable, but I think Owl City is horrible.


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what do I think of who?

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Owls are awesome. Best burds after the lammergeier

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I have a tattoo of a stylized owl between my shoulder blades, about palm sized. It's destined to become part of a larger back piece of a tree with other similar images incorporated.

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Peacocks are better.


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I like how they used to say ORLY, YARLY, and NOWAI

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Wasn't there some issue 10 or 15 years ago with owls being captured as pets because some people read Harry Potter and thought owning an owl was a good idea, then abandoned them later? I remember reading that somewhere. Feel bad for those feathered fuckers.


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I wouldn't actually mind owls with they weren't so hipster `chik right now. Barn owls have always stole my heart however.
Owls are pretty cool guys.

There's a raptor charity nearby that sometimes bring a bunch of owly burds and hawks to the town centre. They actually let people hold them (wearing a falconer glove of course) and raise money to rescue raptors.

Fun fact: they are not a good pet for children. Harry Potter is a terrible owl master.


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Barn owl are so pretty. The rest are winged nightmare fuel.

Barn owls sit silently in the night until you right underneath them, then let out the most god awful bloodcurdling terrortorial scream just to scare the crap out of you. http://youtu.be/uTu0a1wd9-M

Then they try and nail you with a huge shit as they take flight. We raised a lot of wild animals as pets cuz my dad was a vet for the state and the barn owl was the WORST. Don't get me wrong, they are natures masterpieces. The way one ear is setback a little farther than the other and their facial feathers are shaped like a satellite dish to collect sound so that they can triangulate the position of a rodent precisely even if blinded is incredible. But I still maintain, with the exception of ravens and crows, most birds are jerks. Crow was one of the most social/loyal pets we ever had.
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I like owls, they're interesting birds. My Biology teacher had a young Great horned owl brought into class once.
He hocked up an owl pellet in front of the class. :I

Still, owls are cool. I like the owl trend that's been going on, too. Cute owls on shirts and decorations and such. I've got an owl shirt, myself, and my mom bought a cute white owl vase.

Owls are awesome. Best burds after the lammergeier
The lyre bird is pretty fuckin cool too.
...It's all about the birds of paradise.