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What do you think?


Husky-fox (basic af)
Hi, im new in furry fandom and i just created my own fursona. I want to know your opinion on it. Sorry but i dont have any artwork of it (because i cant draw) and sorry if i have mistakes (english is not my first language)
Name: Arck
Spieces: Fox- dog (huskie)
Gender: male
Sexuality: bi
How he looks: He is a fox with huskie tail. His torso is blue with white stomach. He has one orange stripe on each of his legs and arms. Parts of his legs separated by stripes (from stripe to feet) are black and parts of his arms separated by stripes (from stripe to hands) are white. On his right arm (in the blue part) he has a little black scars (like from a scratch) He has a fox head with the same pattern as normal foxes but instead of orange there is blue. His ears are blue with white tips. His tale is blue and white.
If you want i can write his personality, hobbys and other things
Thanks :)
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The Autistic Otter
Well...you already have better grammar and spelling with the English language than most Americans the same age, so you have that going for you. Having a mostly canine fursona myself I approve of it, thought what Jin is trying to say is that a lot of people choose canines or foxes for their fursona.